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Annual Mushroom Show
at Cordova Bay 55+ Center
5238 Cordova Bay Rd.


October 29th 10 am - 4 pm

There will be lots of space and parking available.

SPEAKER PRESENTATIONS on the day of the show
11am Kem Luther - Mushroom sex.
12pm Andy Mackinnon - Mycorrhizae and the dangerous Amanitas.
1pm Kevin Trim - Responsible mushroom harvesting.
2pm Bryce Kendrick - Forests and Fungi.

The mushroom collection drop off time on Saturday October 28th is from 12:00 am - 6:00 pm, but try and get them there early in that afternoon, for sorting and identification by our experts.

Our new calendars will be available for purchase.

Various mushroom books will be sold.

Scott Henderson will be selling mushroom cultivation kits.

Members are encouraged to participate in the following ways:
  1. Collect specimens for the show by extracting the whole fungus; use a knife to dig out the base of the stem. Preferably collect more than one specimen per collection to document stages of development. Wrap all specimens in each collection in waxed paper to preserve features and keep them separate. If possible, include with each collection the following information: name of person collecting the specimen, location of collection, habitat information such as whether it was on the ground or on a log, branch, etc., and the tree species associated.
  2. Also at the event, mushrooms samples will be cooked so please bring your favorite clean edibles to donate to this culinary effort.
  3. If you are willing to volunteer during the show, there are lots of opportunities and you do not need to be a mushroom expert, e.g. providing parking guidance when the front lot gets full, directing people to where they can get their mushrooms identified, helping get people to presentations, and lots more. Please let Ben Hircock know.
  4. Stay after the show closes at 4 pm on Sunday to help clean up.
  5. Volunteers please park in the lot on the south side of the building, accessible by turning from Cordova Bay Road onto Walema Avenue and then north on Sapphire Road.
  6. We are encouraging all members to bring friends and family to enjoy this amazing event. Please share this information widely.
  7. If you have any additional questions about the event please forward them to Ben Hircock

SVIMS Monthly Meeting
at Pacific Forestry Centre
Thursday, November 2, 2017


Speaker: Roo VandeGrift will talk about

Fungal Conservation in Ecuador

Roo VandeGrift, from the University of Oregon will be talking about his Ecuadorian work. The protected cloud forest site in Ecuador where most of his work on Xylariaceous fungi has taken place was recently included in a large (technically illegal) concession to a Canadian mining company (Cornerstone) by the Ecuadorian government. See him talking in this video. More on Roo at: including a photograph you will want to see.

Metchosin MycoBlitz 2017

For a prettier presentation of the information below, plus lots more about the Metchosin Biodiversity Project and their Bioblitzes, go to

The fifth Metchosin MycoBlitz will take place on Saturday, November 4, 2017. At the BioBlitzes, which are usually in the spring, we've counted all manner of birds, bugs, fish, plants, fungi, bees, butterflies,etc. Fungi, however, are thin on the ground in the spring, so we extend our blitzing to the fall with a targeted MycoBlitz in order to inventory some of the hundreds of fungi that press up their autumnal fruiting bodies.

A number of mycology specialists will be on hand to lead us to three Metchosin locations. At these locations the experts will do field identification and collect samples of mushrooms for table display and further study. Metchosin residents, members of the South Vancouver Island Mycological Society, Pearson students, and anyone else with an eye for/interest in mushrooms are welcome to join the MycoBlitz leaders on the Saturday hunt. Rain or shine!

The November 4 MycoBlitz will start at the parking lot of the Metchosin Municipal Hall, 4450 Happy Valley Road (just behind the Fire Hall) at 9:00 am. We will return to the same place by noon. At 12:10 pm, Guest are invited to attend a mini-film fest on mushrooms in the social room of the nearby Fire Hall. Bring a brown bag lunch (coffee and tea will be provided) and eat it while you watch a collection of Kem and Andy's best internet clips on mushrooms. After the film, walk back to to the Council Chambers and see the immense bounty of Metchosin fungal species that the experts have laid out and labeled for our Metchosin inventory of species.

The MycoBlitz doubles as November's Metchosin Talk and Walk event. Everyone is welcome to join us the evening before the MycoBlitz, on Friday, November 3, 2017, 7:00 pm, for a talk by Roo Vandegrift, world renowned mycologist from the University of Oregon. Roo, besides being the owner of an amazing beard, is an engaging speaker (hear and see him in this video) who will deliver a riveting presentation on ascomycetes, the less well-known spore-shooting sac fungi. The talk will be at the Metchosin Municipal Hall Council Chambers.

Monthly Meeting at Pacific Forestry Centre
Thursday, December 7, 2017


SVIMS meeting.

Speaker: David Fenster

Filmmaker David Fenster is from the Marfa Mycological Society in Marfa, Texas. He will treat us to some of his film work.