December 16, 2020, 1719 taxa


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The purpose of this list is

a)   To provide a list of species recorded on Vancouver Island, with the location of at least one herbarium collection when available (more than 99% are represented in herbaria)

b)   To estimate how often the species is identified

c)   To estimate the seasonal occurrence


Taxonomy has changed rapidly, especially in recent years with the aid of DNA sequencing, and it will continue to change. The names attached to many herbarium collections will need to be revised, but the collections themselves, together with any field notes, microscopy, and photographs are the basis for such revision. In cases where the herbarium name is different from the name we are using, the herbarium name is noted in the footnotes.


For scientific purposes, the herbarium itself should be consulted to exclude copying errors and for more complete information. More recent records are emphasized here and numbers of records are meant to aid in judging frequency, not to provide complete information on the records of every species. Herbaria were searched online with efficient criteria such as latitude and longitude (which will miss some records when those are not recorded). Records from the Observatory Hill study of Oluna Ceska and Adolf Ceska are enumerated separately, because the overall numbers may be biased by the large number of collections of particular species from that study. Months of the mentioned herbarium collections are mentioned, but months are also added from less reliable sources such as foray records.


The column at the right shows how often identifications of this species are made.  An upper case letter is used if there is a specimen from British Columbia in the Herbarium at Pacific Forestry Centre in Victoria (DAVFP). If the upper case letter is in italics, it means there was no Herbarium specimen for Vancouver Island at DAVFP when the online list was checked but a collection appears in the University of British Columbia (UBC). If the upper case letter is underlined, there is a collection at a different herbarium specified in the footnote.


a    abundant:  identified on the majority of outings to suitable   habitat at the best time of year in the best weather conditions

c    common:  identified virtually every year but not on the

     majority of outings

u    uncommon:  identified on five or more occasions (at least 2 observers and two locations), but not every year

r    rare:  identified on less than five occasions, or fewer than 2 observers or two locations


Note that less identifications will be made if the species is actually uncommon, but also if it is difficult to identify or hard to find or is not well known.


Other Abbreviations
JFMAMJJASOND the first letters of the month, identical first letters told apart by their positioning on the page

+     additional records of that species by same primary collector

plus  additional months of occurrence from the records enumerated

leg   collected by (here placed after collector rather than before)

det   determined by (placed after collection rather than before)

UBC   Beaty Museum Database at the University of British Columbia

DAVFP herbarium online records at Pacific Forestry Centre Victoria

DAOM  Agriculture and Agrifood Canada herbarium

MO    Mushroom Observer

OC – Oluna Ceska

PK – Paul Kroeger

OH – Observatory Hill Study

VI – Vancouver Island


Oluna Ceska collected and identified large numbers of Vancouver Island species with the help and photography of Adolf Ceska. Most were deposited at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Where there are multiple Vancouver Island collections, a representative one is chosen and “+12 VI plus Apr Dec” would mean there are 12 additional collections from Vancouver Island at UBC, including collections from April and December.


Included in the main list are easily visible members of Basidiomycetes (not rust fungi or smut fungi) and of Ascomycete orders Heliotales, Orbiliales, Pezizales, Hypocreales and Xylariales (not lichens, yeasts, mildews or molds). A more complete list, derived from holdings of DAVFP (at Pacific Forestry Centre in Victoria), including smaller species and old records, is given below after the checklist.


Records from the Gulf Islands of species not found on the main list are mentioned after the main list.


Field lists from Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands will be kept to improve information on range, locale, and frequency.  Please send personal or group field lists including any and all fungi to


Ian Gibson 67 Linden Avenue, Victoria BC V8V 4C9,

or e-mail


                                           MONTH    PREVALENCE




[]      lividocoeruleum                     M          R[1]


[]      augustus                             JJASON    A[2]

[]      campestris                         A   ASON    C[3]

[]      comptulus                                O     R[4]

[]      deardorffensis group                 JJASOND   C[5]

[]      diminutivus                        A     OND   R[6]

[]      hondensis                        F   J   OND   C[7]

[]      micromegethus                            OND   R[8]

        moelleri - see deardorffensis group

        perrarus - see smithii

        praeclaresquamosus - see deardorffensis group

[]      kerriganii                              SO     R[9]

[]      silvaticus                        M        D   R[10]

[]      silvicola                            J  SON    C[11]

[]      subrutilescens                           O     R[12]


[]      dura                               AMJ         C[13]

        erebia = Cyclocybe erebia

[]      pediades group                                 R[14]

[]      praecox                           MAMJ         C[15]

[]      putaminum                               S      R[16]

[]      sororia                                 S      R[17]


[]      avellaneus                              S N    R[18]

        caeruleoporus - see Neoalbatrellus subcaeruleoporus

[]      ellisii                           M            R[19]

[]      flettii                                  ON    R[20]

[]      ovinus                                   OND   C[21]


[]      sericella                               SON    R[22]

[]      ochracea                        J        OND   R[23]


[]      laetior                             M          R[24]

[]      washingtonensis                     MJ         R[25]


[]      aurantia                                SON    A[26]


[]      subcruentatum                   J          D   R[27]


[]      abietis                         J              R[28]

[]      aurantius                        F A           R[29]

[]      grantii                         JFMAMJ AS ND   C[30]

[]      macrocystidiatus                 F         D   R[31]

[]      penicillatus                    JFMA JJASOND   U[32]


[]      purpurea                              J  ON    U[33]

Alnicola - see Naucoria


[]      diplophloeus group                MA J   ON    C[34]


[]      aprica                             AM          C[35]

[]      augusta                               JASO     C[36]

[]      constricta group                         ON    U[37]

[]      ‘farinosa’                            J SO     R[38]

        franchetii - see augusta

[]      gemmata group                         JASON    C[39]

[]      muscaria group                  J    JJASON    A[40]

[]      novinupta                            J   O     R[41]

[]      pachycolea group                        SON    R[42]

[]      ‘pantherina’                    JFMAMJ ASOND   C[43]

[]      phalloides                           JJASON    C[44]

[]      porphyria                               SON    C[45]

[]      silvicola                               SON    C[46]

[]      smithiana                               SON    C[47]


[]      viridis                                   N    R[48]


[]      byssoides                       J   M          R[49]


[]      avellaneialba                           SON    u[50]

[]      clavipes                                 ON    C[51]


[]      multiforme                         A  J        R[52]


[]      carbonica                       J      A       R[53]

[]      malicola                        JFMAM J  OND   R[54]

[]      serialis                                  N    R[55]

[]      sinuosa                          F         D   R[56]


[]      semisupina                       F         D   R[57]


[]      olida                           JFM      OND   U[58]


[]      pyriforme                           M  ASOND   C[59]


        albolanaripes - see Floccularia albolanaripes

[]      mellea group                        M   SON    C[60]

[]      nabsnona                          M      O     R[61]

[]      ostoyae                                  OND   C[62]

        ponderosa - see Tricholoma murrillianum

[]      sinapina                                 ON    R[63]

        solidipes - see ostoyae


[]      acerosa                          F             R[64]

[]      chlorocyanea                     F             R[65]

[]      discorosea                                 D   R[66]

[]      epichysium                       FMA       D   R[67]

[]      fusconigra                              S N    R[68]

[]      obscurata                        F A    SOND   U[69]

[]      retiruga                                 ON    R[70]

[]      rickenii                                  N    R[71]

[]      spathulata                      JF       OND   R[72]

[]      sphagnicola                                    R[73]

[]      velutipes                         M N     ND   R[74]


[]      furfuraceus                           J        R[75]

[]      hansenii                             J         R[76]  


[]      cylichnium                      JFM      OND   U[77]

[]      sarcoides                                OND   C[78]


[]      candidus                                 O     R[79]

[]      giganteus                       J        ON    R[80]

Asterophora - see Nyctalis

[]      lycoperdoides                            O     R[81]


[]      hygrometricus                    FM      OND   U[82]


[]      bombacina                         M            R[83]

[]      decipiens                           M          R[84]

[]      fibulata                         F         D   R[85]

[]      neuhoffii                          A           R[86]


[]      adonis                          JFM     SOND   C[87]  

        amabillissima - see adonis

[]      aurantiidisca                         J SON    A[88]

[]      flavoalba                       J     J  O D   R[89]


[]      inornata                           A           R[90]   


[]      mirabilis                       J       SON    A[91]


[]      americana group                           N    R[92]


[]      vulgare                         JFMA J A OND   C[93]


[]      myosura                                  ON    R[94]


[]      eyrei                            F  M          R[95]

[]      rimosum                                    D   R[96]


[]      graminea                              J        R[97]


[]      bartholomaei                       A           R[98]

[]      mediterranea                       A           R[99]


[]      citrina                         JF      SOND   C[100]

[]      subpallida                      J   M      D   R[101]

[]      sulfurina                          AMJ A  N    R[102]


[]      adusta                              M      D   R[103]


[]      furfuracea                      JF             R[104]


[]      titubans var. olivaceus                 S      R[105]

[]      titubans var. titubans              MJJASON    C[106]


[]      grisea group                       A     ON    C[107]


        aereus - see regineus   

        appendiculatus – see Butyriboletus appendiculatus

[]      barrowsii                           MJJAS      R[108]

        chrysenteron - see Xerocomellus diffractus

        coniferarum – see Caloboletus conifericola

[]      edulis                              MJJASON    C[109]

[]      ‘ferrugineus’                            O     R[110]

[]      fibrillosus                              ON    R[111]

        erythropus - see Neoboletus ‘luridiformis’

        luridiformis - see Neoboletus ‘luridiformis’

        mirabilis - see Aureoboletus mirabilis

[]      mottiae                                 S      R[112]

        piperatoides - see Chalciporus piperatoides

        piperatus - see Chalciporus piperatus

        pulcherrimus – see Rubroboletus pulcherrimus

[]      regineus                           A           R[113] 

        rubripes - see Caloboletus rubripes

[]      smithii                                 SON    R[114]

        spadiceus – see ‘ferrugineus’

        subtomentosus – see Xerocomus subtomentosus group

        truncatus - see Xerocomellus mendocinensis                                                                                                                                                                         

        zelleri group - see Xerocomellus zelleri group


[]      occidentalis                         J ASON    C[115]


[]      sinopicus                        FMA           R[116]


[]      candicans                       JFM M     N    R[117]

[]      conspersum                       F AM   S  D   R[118]

[]      obtusisporum                    JF      S ND   R[119]

[]      subcoronatum                      M        D   R[120]

[]      vagum                                JJ SON    R[121]


[]      colorata                               AS      R[122]

[]      pila                             F             R[123]

[]      plumbea                         J       SON    C[124]


[]      pulla                                     N    R[125]


[]      ‘appendiculatus’                        S  D   R[126]


[]      corium                          JFMAM  A OND   U[127]


[]      fusispora                         M            R[128]


[]      luteo-olivaceum                 JFMAM    OND   U[129]


[]      conifericola                           ASON    U[130]

[]      rubripes                                 O     R[131]


[]      cornea                          J M   J SOND   U[132]

[]      viscosa                         JFM    ASOND   U[133]


[]      chrysenteron                                   R[134]


[]      pyrochroa                           M          R[135]


[]      fulgens                           MAM          U[136]


[]      booniana                              J        r[137]



[]      capula                                 A   D   R[138]

Camarophyllopsis – see Hodophilus

Camarophyllus - see Hygrophorus


[]      inquilina                                O D   R[139]


[]      umbonata                                 OND   U[140]


[]      prescotii                               S      R[141]


[]      californicus                                   R[142]

[]      cascadensis                            AS      R[143]

[]      roseocanus                               O     U[144]

[]      formosus                        J   MJJASOND   A[145]

        infundibuliformis - see Craterellus tubaeformis

[]      subalbidus                            JASON    A[146]


[]      bicolor                               JJ       U[147]


[]      ventricosum                              O     R[148]


[]      borealis                                   D   R[149]


[]      purpurea                        JF AMJ  S ND   R[150]

[]      reticulata                      JF  MJ         R[151]


[]      subvermispora                   JFM M J    D   R[152]


[]      piperatoides                             ON    R[153]

[]      piperatus                              ASON    A[154]


[]      nigropunctata                                  R[155]                                  


[]      cespitosa                                      R[156]


[]      aeruginascens                   JFMAMJ  SOND   C[157]


[]      brunneum                            MJJASON    C[158]

[]      olivieri                                 ON    u[159]

[]      rhacodes                                       R[160]                                  


[]      flavida                             MAJJ       R[161]


[]      purpureum                       JFM     SOND   U[162]


[]      cyanophylla                     JFMAM    OND   U[163]


[]      ochraceus                         J      ON    R[164]

        ‘rutilus’- see ochraceus

[]      tomentosus                             ASON    A[165]

[]      vinicolor                               SON    R[166]


[]      aurantiaca                       F       OND   U[167]

[]      chrysophylla                    JF  M J SON    U[168]


[]      rufofusca                         MAMJ AS      R[169]


[]      lindbladii                         A           R[170]


[]      byssisedus                             A OND   R[171]


[]      atrovirens                      J    J         R[172]


[]      fragilis                        JFM  J A OND   U[173]

        purpurea - see Alloclavaria purpurea

[]      rubicundula                      FM            R[174]

[]      tenuipes                         FM            R[175]

        vermicularis - see fragilis


[]      mucronatus                               ON    R[176]

[]      occidentalis                              N    R[177]

[]      truncatus                                OND   U[178]


[]      purpurea                                SO     R[179]


[]      taxophila                                OND   R[180]


[]      castaneipes                             S N    R[181]

[]      cinerea                         JF A    SOND   U[182]

[]      coralloides                     JFM  JJASOND   A[183]

        cristata - see coralloides

[]      rugosa                          JFMA      ND   U[184] 


[]      corniculata                          J   OND   U[185]

[]      fusiformis                         A     OND   R[186]

[]      laeticolor                      JFMA     OND   U[187]

[]      umbrinella                                     R[188]


[]      borealis                                 O     R[189]


[]      popinalis                                 N    R[190]


        atrialba - see Clitocybula atrialba

        aurantiaca - see Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca

        avellaneialba - see Ampulloclitocybe avellaneoalba

[]      brumalis                                  ND   R[191]

        candicans – see Leucocybe candicans

[]      cerussata                                      R[192]

        clavipes - see Ampulloclitocybe clavipes

        cyathiformis - see Pseudoclitocybe cyathiformis

        dealbata - see rivulosa

        deceptiva – see fragrans                     

[]      dilatata                                SON    C[193]

        ectypoides - see Pseudoarmillariella ectypoides

[]      elegantula                        M       ND   R[194]

        epichysium - see Arrhenia epichysium

        flaccida – see Lepista flaccida

[]      foetens                                    D   R[195]

[]      fragrans                        JFMAM    OND   U[196]

[]      georgina (invalid name)                        R[197]

        gigantea - see Aspropaxillus giganteus

[]      glacialis                          A           R[198]

[]      harmajae                        J         N    R[199]

[]      incarnata (invalid name)                   D   R[200]

        incomis – see Pseudolaccaria pachyphylla

        inornata – see Atractosporocybe inornata   

        inversa - see Lepista inversa

        multiceps - see Lyophyllum multiceps

[]      nebularis                                ON    C[201]

        nuda - see Lepista nuda                     

[]      obsoleta                                       R[202]

[]      odora                                    O     C[203]

[]      ornamentalis                                   R[204]

[]      radicellata                     J MAM          R[205]

[]      rivulosa                            M   SOND   C[206]

[]      sclerotoidea                     FM    A OND   U[207]

        sinopica – see Bonomyces sinopicus

        suaveolens - see deceptiva

[]      subclavipes                                    R[208]

        tarda - see Lepista tarda

[]      tenuissima                                ND   R[209]

        trulliformis – see Infundibulicybe

[]      umbilicata                                ND   R[210]

[]      vibecina                                 OND   R[211]


[]      abundans                              J        R[212]

[]      atrialba                                 ON    R[213]


[]      aureicystidiatus                JFMA     OND   U[214]

[]      nuciolens                       J        OND   U[215]

[]      prunulus                                SOND   U[216]


[]      arbutifolius                       AM          R[217]

[]      dentatus                         F A J A       A[218]

Collybia - see also Gymnopus, Rhodocollybia

[]      cirrhata                                 O D   R[219]

        racemosa - see Dendrocollybia racemosa

[]      tuberosa                                 ON    R[220]


[]      crispum                               J        R[221]


[]      cinnamomea                      J MA    SO D   U[222]

[]      perennis                        JFMAMJ  SOND   C[223]


[]      arida                           J              R[224]

[]      puteana                         J          D   R[225]


        acervatus – see Gymnopus acervatus


[]      appendiculata                            O     R[226]

[]      brunneola                            J  SO     R[227]

[]      dumetorum                           M  ASON    R[228]

[]      filaris group                       M   SO     U[229]

[]      pilosella                              ASO     R[230]

[]      pseudopilosella                         S      R[231]

[]      pubescens                                 N    R[232]

[]      rickeniana                         A           R[233]

[]      rickenii                           A           R[234]

[]      siennophylla                           ASO     R[235]

[]      tenera                            MAMJ  SON    U[236]


[]      angulatus                                      R[237]

[]      disseminatus                       A    S      R[238]

[]      domesticus                      J  A           R[239]

[]      heptemerus                            JA       R[240]

[]      impatiens                          AM   SON    R[241]

[]      micaceus                           AMJ A ON    C[242]

[]      silvaticus                             A       R[243]        

[]      xanthothrix                     J MA    SON    R[244]


[]      atramentaria                    J      A OND   C[245]

[]      cinerea                                 S      R[246]

[]      friesii                               JA       R[247]

[]      gonophyllus                             S      R[248]

[]      lagopus                             M   SOND   C[249]

[]      nivea                                    ON    R[250]

[]      phaeospora                              S      R[251]


        atramentarius - see Coprinopsis atramentaria

[]      comatus                             M  A ON    A[252]

        disseminatus - see Coprinellus disseminatus

        domesticus – see Coprinellus domesticus

[]      giganteosporus                        J        R[253]

        impatiens - see Coprinellus impatiens

        lagopus - see Coprinopsis lagopus

        micaceus - see Coprinellus micaceus

        niveus - see Coprinopsis nivea

        plicatilis - see Parasola plicatilis


        capitata - see Elaphocordyceps capitata

[]      militaris                             JASOND   U[254]

        myrmecophila - see Ophiocordyceps myrmecophila

        ophioglossoides - see Tolypocladium ophioglossoides


[]      minnsiae                        JF AM     ND   R[255]


[]      acutovelatus                                   r[256]

[]      acutus                          J      A OND   R[257]

[]      albosericeus                              N    R[258]

[]      alboviolaceus                      A   ASON    C[259]

[]      alnetorum                                O     R[260]

[]      anomalus                                S      R[261]

[]      armeniacus                                N    R[262]

[]      aurantiobasis                              D   R[263]

[]      aureifolius                              O     R[264]          

[]      azureus                                 SO D   R[265]

[]      badius                                    N    R[266]

[]      balteatus                                ON    R[267]

[]      cf. biformis                              ND   R[268]

[]      birkebakii                      J          D   R[269]

[]      brunneus group                           O     R[270]

[]      caerulescens                              N    R[271]

[]      californicus                    J   M    OND   R[272]

[]      callisteus group                       A       R[273]

[]      calopus                                  O     R[274]

[]      camphoratus                              ON    U[275]

[]      candelaris                                N    R[276]

[]      caperatus                               SON    C[277]

[]      casimiri                        J  AMJ ASOND   R[278]

[]      cedriolens                                 D   R[279]

[]      ceraceus                            M     ND   R[280]

[]      ceskae                                     D   R[281]

[]      chrysolitus                             S      R[282]

[]      cinnamomeobadius                           D   R[283]

[]      cinnamomeus                      F       OND   R[284]

[]      clandestinus                        M     N    U[285]

[]      collinitus gr.                           ON    R[286]

[]      cotoneus                            M          R[287]

[]      croceifolius gr.                         ON    U[288]

[]      croceus                                  ON    R[289]

[]      cyanites                              JASO     R[290]

[]      decipiens                                O     R[291]

[]      delibutus group                          ON    R[292]

[]      dilutus                         J          D   R[293]

[]      duracinus                       JF        ND   R[294]

[]      eldoradoensis                                  r[295]

[]      elotus                                 A OND   R[296]

[]      epipoleus                              A  ND   R[297]

[]      eufulminius                               N    R[298]

[]      evernius                           A           R[299]

[]      fasciatus                       JF A     O D   R[300]

[]      ferrugineovelatus                         N    R[301]

[]      flexipes                           A       D   R[302]

[]      fragrantissimus                           N    R[303]

[]      fraudulosus                              O     R[304]

[]      fulmineus                                 N    R[305]

[]      fulvescens                      JF AM      D   R[306]

[]      gentilis                                 O     R[307]

[]      glaucocephalus                           O     R[308]

[]      glaucopus                             J  OND   R[309]

[]      hadrocroceus                              N    R[310]

[]      helobius                        J         ND   R[311]

[]      helvolus                                 ON    R[312]

[]      hinnuleus                          A       D   R[313]

[]      holophaeus                                 D   R[314]

[]      humboldtensis                   J          D   R[315]

[]      idahoensis                      JF       OND   R[316]

[]      iliopodius                                 D   R[317]

[]      immixtus                                       R[318]

[]      incisus                                   N    R[319]

[]      infractus group                 J        OND   R[320]

[]      junghuhnii                               O     R[321]

[]      laetissimus                                D   R[322]

[]      laetus                                    N    R[323]

[]      laniger                                 S      R[324]

[]      leucopus                        JFMAMJJ S ND   U[325]

[]      limonius                                       R[326]

[]      lucorum                                   N    R[327]

[]      lustratus                                O     R[328]

[]      malicorius                         A     O     R[329]  

[]      miwok                                          r[330]

[]      multiformis                              O     R[331]

[]      mutabilis                               SON    U[332]

[]      neosanguineus                   J        OND   U[333]

[]      obtusus                          F       OND   R[334]

[]      ochropallens                             O     R[335]

[]      occidentalis group               F             R[336]

[]      olearioides                               N    R[337]

[]      olivaceopictus                             D   R[338]

[]      olympianus                              SON    R[339]

[]      ominosus                           A    SOND   C[340]

[]      oregonensis                              O     R[341]

[]      paleaceus                                 N    R[342]

[]      paleiferus                               O     R[343]

[]      pansa                                     N    R[344]

[]      papulosus                                  D   R[345]

[]      paragaudis                                     R[346]

[]      parevernius                         A          R[347]

[]      parkeri                            MA          R[348]

        phoeniceus var. occidentalis - see smithii

[]      pinguis (sequestrate)               M J        R[349]

[]      pluvius                                  O     R[350]

[]      privignus                                O     R[351]

[]      pseudocandelaris                           D   R[352]

[]      pseudoduracinus                            D   R[353]

[]      pulchripes                         A           R[354]

[]      purpurascens                             O     R[355]

[]      purpureus                                 N    R[356]

[]      renidens                                 ON    R[357]

[]      rigens                                J   ND   R[358]

[]      rubicundulus                            SO     R[359]

[]      saginus                                 S      R[360]

[]      salor                                    O     R[361]

[]      saturninus                       F A      ND   R[362]

[]      scandens                        JF A      ND   R[363]

        ‘sanguineus’ - see neosanguineus

[]      scaurus                             M   SO     R[364]

        ‘semisangineus’ – see ominosus

[]      sertipes                         F AM J  ON    R[365]

[]      smithii                         J        OND   C[366]

[]      speciosissimus group                     O     R[367]

[]      sphagneti                               S      R[368]

[]      spilomeus                                 N    R[369]

[]      stemmatus                                 N    R[370]

[]      stillatitius                           A       R[371]

[]      subannulatus                       M      N    R[372]

[]      subbalaustinus                            N    R[373]

[]      subfloccopus                               D   R[374]

[]      subfoetens                               O     R[375]

[]      subsertipes                      J  A    OND   R[376]

[]      suillus                            M     O     R[377]

[]      traganus                                SON    U[378]

[]      tuolumnensis                                   r[379]

[]      turibulosus                              O     R[380]

[]      turmalis                                 O     R[381]

[]      uliginosus                               O     R[382]

[]      urbicus                                        R[383]

[]      valgus                                         R[384]

[]      vanduzerensis group                     SON    U[385]

[]      variicolor                          A     ND   R[386]

[]      velenovskyi                             S ND   R[387]

[]      venetus                             A J SON    R[388]

[]      vernalis                            AM     D   R[389]

[]      vernus                            FMAM   O     U[390]

[]      vibratilis                        F   J SON    C[391]

[]      vinaceobrunneus                           N    R[392]

[]      violaceus                             J SON    c[393]

[]      xanthodryophilus                          N    R[394]

[]      zakii                           J              R[395]    


[]      minnsiae                        JF A      ND   U[396]


[]      calicornucopioides                       ON    R[397]

        cornucopioides – see calicornucopiodes

        infundibuliformis - see tubaeformis

[]      tubaeformis                     JFM MJJ SOND   A[398]


[]      applanatus                              SON    C[399]

[]      epibryus                         F  M    OND   R[400]

        herbarum - see epibryus

[]      lundellii                       JFM     SOND   U[401]

[]      mollis                          JFMAM  ASOND   C[402]

[]      subverrucisporus                         ON    R[403]

[]      variabilis                                 D   R[404]

[]      versutus                               A OND   R[405]


[]      scabella                                  N    R[406]

        stipitaria - see scabella                     


[]      helvetica                       JF      S      R[407]


[]      cyathoideum                           JAS N    R[408]


[]      laeve                           JFMA  J  OND   A[409]

        levis - see laeve

        vulgare - see laeve


[]      volvatus                        JFMAMJJASOND   C[410]


[]      spartii                                        R[411]


[]      circinans                          AM J  O     R[412]

[]      grisea                              M      D   R[413]

        monticola - see Paracudonia monticola


[]      clavus                             AM    ON    R[414]


[]      pratensis                       JF   J   OND   U[415]

[]      russocoriaceus                  JFM      OND   U[416]

[]      subviolaceus                                   R[417]

[]      virgineus                                 ND   R[418]


        villosa – see Helvella villosa


[]      olla                                      N    R[419]

[]      striatus                         FM      O     U[420]


[]      erebia                              M JASO     U[421]


[]     laeve                            JFMA     OND   R[422]


[]      amianthinum                     JFMA     OND   C[423]

        cinnabarinum - see Cystodermella cinnabarina

[]      fallax                          J        OND   C[424]

        granulosum - see Cystodermella granulosa

        terrei - see Cystodermella cinnabarina


[]      granulosa                       J       SOND   C[425]


[]      moelleri                                  N    R[426]

[]      seminuda                        J       SOND   U[427]


[]      capitatus                       J          D   R[428]

[]      chrysocomus                        AM          R[429]

[]      chrysospermus                   JFMAM   SOND   A[430]

        deliquescens - see stillatus

[]      minor                               M   S      R[431]

[]      ovisporus                        FM       ND   R[432]

        palmatus - see chrysospermus

[]      stillatus                       JFMA J   OND   U[433]

[]      variisporus                        A  J        R[434]


[]      karstenii                           M          R[435]

[]      sudans                           F      S  D   R[436]


[]      spathularia                       M            R[437]


[]      loculata                             J         R[438]            


[]      cf. montana                     J    J  S      R[439]

[]      nivea                           J   MJ         R[440]


[]      coprophila                           J         R[441] 

[]      crobula                          FMA  J SON    R[442]

[]      horizontalis                    J  A     OND   U[443]

[]      inquilina                       JFMA       D   U[444]

[]      montana                         JFMAM  A OND   C[445]

[]      phyllogena                      JF AMJJ  ON    R[446]


[]      dematiicola                                D   R[447]


[]      johnstonii                        M            R[448]


[]      racemosa                                 O D   R[449]


[]      candida                          F       O     R[450]

[]      incrustans                       F             R[451]

Dentinum - See Hydnum

Dermocybe - See Cortinarius


[]      cuneifolium                             S      R[452]

[]      pseudocuneifolium                    JJA       R[453]


[]      albopruinosa                        M          R[454]  

[]      disciformis                                D   R[455]

[]      flavovirens                        A J         R[456]


[]      verrucaeformis                     A           R[457]


[]      granulosum                      J M M      D   R[458]


        ancilis - see Gyromitra ancilis

        perlata - see Gyromitra ancilis


[]      boudieri                                  N    R[459]


[]      melanochlora                     FM            R[460]     


        capitata – see Tolypocladium capitatum

        ophioglossoides – see Tolypocladium ophioglossoides


[]      ‘granulatus’                     F AMJJ   N    R[461]

[]      ‘muricatus’                         MJ   O     R[462]


[]      nitida                                   O     R[463]


[]      lactiflua                                      R[464]

[]      pisiformis                      JFMAMJJ  ON    R[465]


[]      mammata                                A       R[466]


        bloxami - see Entoloma medianox

        madidum - see Entoloma medianox

        ortonii - see Nolanea farinolens

[]      hirtum                                         R[467]

[]      lignicola                       J    J    ND   R[468]

[]      lividoalbum                       M      O     R[469]

[]      medianox                                 ON    R[470]

        nitidum – see Entocybe nitida

[]      pseudocostatum                           O     R[471]

[]      rhodopolium group                     J SON    R[472]

[]      subsaundersii                            O     R[473]

[]      undatum                              M         R[474]


[]      glandulosa                       FMAMJJ    D   R[475]

        nucleata - see Myxarium atratum


[]      leucophylla                               ND   R[476]

[]      pseudoclusilis                  JF       OND   R[477]


        mutabilis – see Leptosporomyces mutabilis


[]      carpophilus var. subincarnatus            N    R[478]

[]      granulosus                                     R[479]

[]      muricatus                            J         R[480]                            


[]      velutipes                       JFM     SOND   C[481]


[]      albolanaripes                            O     R[482]


        granulosa – see Flammulaster granulosus


[]      fomentarius                     JFM     OND    R[483]


[]      robusta                            A   S       R[484]


[]      cajanderi                       JFMAMJJASOND   C[485]

[]      officinalis                         MJJASON    U[486]


[]      mounceae                        JFMAMJJASOND   A[487]

        pinicola – see Fomitopsis mounceae


[]      ferrea                          JFMAMJJ SOND   C[488]

[]      ferruginosa                     JFM M J        R[489]


[]      atkinsoniana                    J M  J   OND   U[490]

[]      autumnalis                      J  AM   SOND   U[491]

[]      badipes                         J MAM J SOND   U[492]

[]      camerinoides                         J         R[493]  

[]      castaneipes                              OND   R[494]

[]      cedretorum var. bispora                 SOND   R[495]

[]      cedretorum var. cedretorum                ND   R[496]

[]      cedretorum var. filiformis      J         N    R[497]

[]      cerina var. longicystis         J              R[498]

[]      cinnamomea                      J       SOND   R[499]

[]      cuspidata                                  D   R[500]

[]      dicranorum                         A           R[501]

[]      dimorphocystis v dimorphocystis JFMA      ND   R[502]

[]      earleae                            A           R[503]

[]      evelata var. evelata                     OND   R[504]

[]      fallax                                    N    R[505]

[]      fibrillosa                              S      R[506]

[]      filiformis                         A       D   R[507]

[]      fontinalis                                N    R[508]

[]      heterocystis                    JFMAM    OND   U[509]

[]      jaapii f. jaapii                        S ND   R[510]

[]      karstenii                       JF A      N    R[511]

[]      laticeps                         F             R[512]

[]      lubrica                         JF A     O D   R[513]

[]      mammillata                      J         ND   R[514]

[]      marginata                       J        OND   U[515]

[]      minima                             A     OND   R[516]

[]      mniophila                                  D   R[517]

[]      nana                                  J        R[518]

[]      nigripes                        J         N    R[519]

[]      oregonensis                     J       SOND   R[520]

[]      permixta                                S      R[521]

[]      perplexa                                 ON    R[522]

[]      pruinatipes var. fulvipes                 ND   R[523]

[]      pruinatipes var. pruinatipes               D   R[524]

[]      pseudobadipes                            ON    R[525]

[]      pumila                          JFMAM     ND   R[526]

[]      rostrata                        JF        ND   R[527]

[]      sideroides                      J M   J  OND   U[528]

[]      stylifera                        F  MJJ  ON    R[529]

[]      subbadia                                 O D   R[530]

[]      subbadipes                          M          R[531]

[]      subcerina                                  D   R[532]

[]      subfiliformis                   J  A  J    D   R[533]

[]      unicolor                                  ND   R[534]

[]      vexans                                    N    R[535]

[]      vittiformis                     JFMA J  SOND   U[536]

[]      vittif. v albescens f bispora            OND   R[537]

[]      vittif. v albescens f tetrasporaJFMA    SOND   U[538]

[]      vittif. v vittif.f vittiformis  JFM      OND   R[539]

[]      vittif. v vittif.f tetraspora   JFMA     OND   U[540]


[]      applanatum                      JFMAMJJASOND   A[541]

[]      brownii                              J         R[542]

[]      oregonense                          M JASON    C[543]

[]      tsugae                          JFM M JASOND   U[544]


[]      turbinatus                             AS      R[545]

[]      fimbriatum                        M            R[546]

[]      fuscogleba                         A           R[547]

[]      quadrifidum                      F A J   O     R[548]

[]      saccatum                         FMA     OND   U[549]

[]      triplex                                 SOND   R[550]


        flavidus – see Chloroscypha flavida


[]      glabrum                             MA    N    R[551]

        glutinosum - see Glutinoglossum glutinosum

[]      simile                             FM          R[552]

        nigritum - see umbratile

[]      umbratile                          FMAM  ON    R[553]


[]      carbonaria                       F A           R[554]

[]      deceptiva group                   MAMJ         U[555]

        vulcanalis – see deceptiva group


        chrysophylla - see Chrysomphalina chrysophylla


[]      laetus                                JASON    U[556]

[]      perplexus                              A       R[557]

[]      psittacinus                     JFMAM    OND   U[558]


        furfuraceum - see Boidinia furfuracea

[]      karstenii                       J              R[559]


[]      analogum                          M MJ         R[560]


[]      saepiarium                      JF A JJ SOND   C[561]


[]      glutinosum                          M M        R[562]


[]      cerastis                        J              R[563]


[]      glutinosus                      J        OND   R[564]

[]      oregonensis                     J      ASOND   A[565]

[]      smithii                         J        OND   C[566]

[]      subroseus                       J   MJ  SOND   A[567]


[]      clavatus                                SON    C[568]

        floccosus – see Turbinellus floccosus                       

        kauffmanii – see Turbinellus kauffmanii


        alutaria - see Hyphodontia alutaria

        breviseta - see Xylodon brevisetus

        granulosa – see Hyphodontia granulosa

        cineracea - see Kneiffiella cineracea

        crustosa - see Lyomyces crustosus

        subalutacea - see Hyphodontia subalutacea


[]      helvelloides                    J M      OND   C[569]


        alpina - see Heterotextus alpinus

        chrysocomus - see Dacrymyces chrysocomus


[]      bellulus                            A J SOND   R[570]

[]      flavidellus                              O     R[571]

[]      luteofolius                              ON    R[572]

[]      penetrans                               SOND   R[573]

[]      picreus                         JF      SOND   R[574]

[]      punctifolius                           ASON    U[575]

[]      sapineus group                  JF      SOND   U[576]

[]      ventricosus group               J       SON    C[577]

        terrestris - see Cortinarius renidens


[]      acervatus                            J  SOND   C[578]

[]      androsaceus                      F AM    OND   R[579]

[]      biformis                             J     D   R[580]

[]      confluens                       JF   J ASOND   U[581]

[]      dryophilus                          MJJ SOND   U[582]

[]      earleae                            A J         R[583]

[]      erythropus                               O     R[584]

[]      foetidus                        J    J   OND   R[585]

[]      fuscopurpureus                  J       SOND   R[586]

[]      ocior                                J         R[587]

[]      perforans                           M  ASO D   U[588]

[]      peronatus                              ASO     U[589]

[]      putillus                                   D   R[590]

[]      subnudus                          M      OND   R[591]

[]      subsulphureus                       MJJ SO     R[592]

[]      subterginus                              O     R[593]


[]      ancilis                           MAM          U[594]

[]      californica                           J        R[595]

[]      esculenta                         MAM J  O     C[596]

[]      infula                           FMA     ON    U[597]

[]      melaleucoides                     M            R[598]


[]      castaneus                            J  SO     R[599]


[]      nidulans                        JF       ON    R[600]

[]      rutilans                                   D   R[601]


[]      birrus                                   ON    R[602]

[]      clavulipes                               ON    R[603]

[]      cavipes                           MAM   SOND   R[604]

[]      crustuliniforme                    AMJ   OND   U[605]

[]      fragilipes                               O     R[606]

[]      helodes                                  O     R[607]

[]      hiemale                                  ON    R[608]

[]      incarnatulum                             O     R[609]

[]      lutense                           MAMJ   OND   R[610]

[]      mesophaeum group                        SOND   C[611]

[]      populinum                                O     R[612]

[]      praeolidum                         A           R[613]

[]      pusillum                                 OND   R[614]

[]      sacchariolens                   J MA    SOND   U[615]

[]      sinapizans group                        SON    U[616]

[]      sordescens                         A     O     R[617]

[]      velutipes                                ON    C[618]


[]      corticioides                               D   R[619]


[]      incarnatum                                 D   R[620]


[]      acetabulum                        MAMJ         R[621]

[]      compressa                         MAMJ   ON    R[622]

[]      corium                                J        R[623]

[]      elastica                        J  A J   ON    R[624]

[]      fibrosa                             MJJ        R[625]

        lacunosa (misapplied - see vespertina)

[]      latispora                         MA           R[626]

[]      maculata                        JF        ND   R[627]

        queletii – see solitaria

[]      solitaria                           M          R[628]

        stevensii - see latispora

[]      vespertina                      JFM     SOND   A[629]

        villosa – see fibrosa


[]      crispata                                 O     R[630]

[]      cucullata                        F        ND   R[631]

[]      delectabilis                             O     U[632]

        delicatella – see Hemimycena lactea

[]      hirsuta                           M            R[633]

[]      ignobilis                       J    J         R[634]

[]      lactea                          JFM   JA OND   R[635]

[]      nebulophila                          J     D   R[636]

[]      pithya                                   O     R[637]  

[]      pseudocrispula                        J   N    R[638]

[]      subimmaculata                   JFM        D   R[639]

[]      tortuosa                        JF A JJASOND   U[640]


[]      albocrenulata                            OND   R[641]


[]      candidus                           A J         R[642]


[]      abietis                          FM   J SOND   C[643]

[]      coralloides                      F        N    R[644]

[]      erinaceus                       J        OND   U[645]


[]      annosum                         J  AM J SO     U[646]


[]      alpinus                         JFMAMJJA  ND   C[647]

[]      luteus                          JFMAM  A OND   U[648]


[]      abietis                                  O     R[649]


[]      paupertinus                      FM      ON    R[650]


[]      petaloides                       FMA   A OND   C[651]


[]      cernuum                         JFM            R[652]


[]      hemispherica                         JJ  OND   U[653]


[]      inflatula                              A       R[654]


[]      albohyalina                     JF  M   S      R[655]

[]      britannica                          M          R[656]

[]      daedaleae                        F  M      D   R[657]

[]      flaveola                              J        R[658]

[]      fuckelii                             J         R[659]

[]      herbarum                            M      D   R[660]

[]      quercicola                           J A       R[661]

[]      vitreola                        JFM            R[662]


[]      carneum                                  OND   R[663]


[]      aurantiacum                           JASON    C[664]

[]      caeruleum                                ON    C[665]

[]      fuligineoviolaceum                             R[666]

[]      fuscoindicum                             OND   U[667]

[]      peckii                                  SON    C[668]

[]      scabrosum                                O     R[669]

[]      scrobiculatum                          ASON    U[670]

[]      suaveolens                               ON    C[671]

[]      versipelle                              S      R[672]


[]      californicus                    J              R[673]

Hydnum (see also Sarcodon, Hydnellum)                    

[]      repandum group                  JF  M JASOND   C[674]

[]      umbilicatum group               JFM M J SOND   C[675]


[]      atramentosus                               D   R[676]

[]      marginellus                          J         R[677]

        scabripes - see Mycopan scabripes              


[]      acutoconica                     J M      ON    R[678]

[]      cantharellus                             ON    R[679]

[]      coccinea                         FM      O     R[680]

[]      ‘conica’                        J        OND   C[681]

[]      flavescens                      JFM      O     R[682]

        irrigata – see Gliophorus irrigatus

        laeta – see Gliophorus laetus

[]      melleofusca                              O     R[683]

[]      miniata                         JFM MJ   OND   C[684]

[]      minutula                                 O     R[685]

        nivea – see Cuphophyllus nivea

[]      parvula                         JF    J  ON    R[686]

        pratensis – see Cuphophyllus pratensis

[]      persistens                      J        OND   R[687]

        psittacina – see Gliophorus psittacinus

[]      punicea                          F       ON    R[688]

[]      quieta                                     D   R[689]

        russocoriacea – see Cuphophyllus russocoriaceus

[]      reae                              M      ON    R[690]

[]      singeri                          F       O D   R[691]

[]      subminiata                               O     R[692]

        subviolacea – see Cuphophyllus subviolaceus

        virginea – see Cuphophyllus virgineus


[]      aurantiaca                              SOND   A[693]

        morganii - see Aphroditeola olida

        olida - see Aphroditeola olida


[]      agathosmus                               OND   U[694]

[]      bakerensis                      J        ON    U[695]

[]      calophyllus                              ON    R[696]

[]      camarophyllus                            OND   R[697]

[]      chrysodon                                 ND   R[698]

[]      eburneus                        J        OND   R[699]

[]      erubescens                               O     R[700]

        foetens - see Camarophyllopsis foetens

[]      goetzii                           MA           R[701]

[]      hypothejus group                         ON    U[702]

[]      leucophaeus                               N    R[703]

[]      monticola                          A      N    R[704]

[]      occidentalis                              N    r[705]

[]      odoratus                                  O    R[706]

[]      olivaceoalbus                                  R[707]

[]      pacificus                                      R[708]

        perplexus – see Gliophorus perplexus, G. psittacinus

[]      piceae                           F      SOND   U[709]

[]      pudorinus                                ON    U[710]

[]      pusillus                          M       N    R[711]

[]      saxatilis                                      R[712]

[]      sordidus                                  N    R[713]

        subviolaceus – see Cuphophyllus subviolaceus


[]      corrugata                                      R[714]

[]      fuliginosa                       F  M          R[715]

[]      rubiginosa                      JFMA      ND   U[716]

        tabacina - see Hymenochaetopsis


[]      tabacina                        JFMAMJ   OND   C[717]


[]      albidus                                A       R[718]

[]      caudatus                                SON    R[719]

[]      fructigenus                             S      R[720]

[]      herbarum                           A           R[721]

[]      imberbis                        J              R[722]

[]      phyllogenus                            A       R[723]

[]      salicellus                                ND   R[724]

[]      scutula                                  ON    R[725]

[]      subtilis                                 O     R[726]

[]      umbilicatus                     JF  M    OND   R[727]

[]      virgultorum                             S  D   R[728]


[]      amoenum                         JF             R[729]

        argillaceum – see Kurtia argillaceus

        capitatum – see Lawrynomyces capitatus                                     

[]      cremeoalbum                     JF             R[730]

        mutatum – see Mutatoderma mutatum

        praetermissum – see Peniophorella praetermissa

        puberum – see Peniophorella pubera

        sambuci – see Xylodon sambuci

[]      setigerum                         MAM      D   R[731]


[]      corrugata                       JF             R[732]


[]      alutaria                        JF   JJ    D   R[733]

[]      arguta                          J      A       R[734]  

[]      aspera                           FM            R[735]

        breviseta – see Xylodon brevisetus

        cineracea – see Kneiffiela cineracea                       

        crustosa – see Lyomyces crustosus

        floccosa – see Kneiffiela floccosa

        nespori – see Xylodon nespori

[]      quercina                        J   MJJ        R[736]

[]      spathulata                       F             R[737]

[]      subalutacea                     JF  MJJ    D   R[738]


        aurantiacum sensu auct. - see Leratiomyces ceres

[]      capnoides                       JFM    ASOND   C[739]

[]      dispersum                       J    J  SON    U[740]

[]      fasciculare                     JF AMJ ASOND   A[741]

[]      lateritium                                N    R[742]

[]      marginatum                             A O     R[743]

[]      myosotis                                S      R[744]

[]      radicosum                                O     R[745]

        sublateritium – see Hypholoma lateritium


[]      geogenium                                  D   R[746]

[]      punctulatum                                D   R[747]


[]      alutacea                                 O     R[748]

[]      aureoviridis                              N    R[749]

[]      gelatinosa                                N    R[750]

[]      moravica                        J              R[751]

[]      pulvinata                       JF AMJ A OND   C[752]

[]      rufa                            J  A J A  ND   U[753]


[]      aurantius                        F    J  ON    U[754]

[]      cervinigenus                     F       OND   C[755]

[]      chrysospermus                           SO     C[756]

[]      lactifluorum                         JJASOND   A[757]

[]      lateritius                                     R[758]

[]      luteovirens                             SON    R[759]

[]      rosellus                                 O     R[760]


[]      fuscum                             A           R[761]

        multiforme - see Annulohypoxylon multiforme

[]      rubiginosum                     JF A J         R[762]


[]      separabile                         A J         R[763]


[]      flexuosum                        F             R[764]


[]      trulliformis                    J        OND   U[765]


[]      cystomarginatus                   M      O     R[766]

[]      furfuraceodiscus                         O     R[767]

[]      minutopilus                               N    R[768]

[]      rhombisporus                               D   R[769]


[]      abietis                           MAM          R[770]

[]      abjecta                         J MAM   SOND   R[771]

[]      acuta                              AMJ         R[772]

[]      agglutinata                              O     R[773]

[]      albodisca                       JFM        D   R[774]

[]      amblyospora (amblyspora)          MAM     N    R[775]

[]      appendiculata                      A           R[776]

[]      armeniaca                            J         R[777]

[]      assimilata                      JFMAM   SOND   U[778]

[]      auricoma                        JFMAMJ   OND   R[779]

[]      bongardii                            J   O     R[780]

        calamistrata – see Inosperma calamistratum

[]      calida                               JJ        R[781]

[]      castanea                           A J  S      R[782]

[]      catalaunica                     F  AMJ  SOND   R[783]

[]      chelanensis                         M          R[784]

[]      chondroderma                       A     OND   R[785]

[]      cincinnata                      F  AMJJ  OND   U[786]

[]      cinnamomea                     J  MA     OND   R[787]

[]      curvipes                           AM          R[788]

[]      dulcamara group                 J    JJ  ON    R[789]

[]      egenula                              J  S      R[790]

        fastigiata – see Pseudosperma rimosum

[]      flocculosa                      JFMAMJ ASOND   U[791]

[]      fuscidula                       J  AMJ   OND   U[792]

[]      fuscodisca                               OND   R[793]

[]      geophylla                       JFMAMJJ SOND   A[794]

        cf. geraniodora – see cf. Inosperma geraniodorum

[]      glabrescens                        A J         R[795]

[]      glabrodisca                         MJJ  ON    R[796]

[]      grammata                        JF A JJ SOND   R[797]

[]      griseolilacina                  J  AMJ  SOND   U[798]

        gymnocarpa – see Mallocybe gymnocarpa

[]      helobia                           MAMJ   OND   R[799]

[]      hotsoniana                               ON    R[800]

[]      inodora                         J        O     R[801]

[]      insinuata                        FMA           R[802]

[]      jacobi                             AMJJ  OND   R[803]

[]      kauffmanii                      JF A     OND   R[804]

        cf. jurana – see cf. Inosperma adaequatum

[]      lacera                           FMAMJ ASOND   C[805]

        lacera var. helobia – see Inocybe helobia

        lanatodisca – see Inosperma lanatodiscum

[]      lanuginosa group                   AMJJASOND   U[806]

        leiocephala - see catalaunica

[]      lilacina group                  JFMA J  SOND   A[807]

[]      mixtilis group                  J  AMJ  SOND   C[808]

        mucidiolens (see Inosperma mucidiolens)

[]      napipes                          F AM J  O     R[809]

[]      nitidiuscula                    J MAMJ  SOND   C[810]

        oblectabilis - see glabrodisca

[]      olympiana                                      R[811]

        pallidicremea – member of I. lilacina group q.v.

[]      paludinella                                D   R[812]

        perbrevis – see Mallocybe perbrevis

        cf. perlata – see Pseudosperma cf. perlatum

[]      petiginosa                                     R[813]

[]      phaeocomis                               O D   R[814]

[]      phaeodisca var. phaeodisca                N    R[815]

[]      phaeodisca var. geophylloides              D   R[816]

[]      phaeoleuca                        M            R[817]

[]      posterula                       JF AM   SOND   R[818]

[]      praetervisa group               JF  MJ   O D   R[819]

[]      pseudodestricta                 JFMAMJ    ND   R[820]

[]      pudica                          JFMAJJ   OND   U[821]

[]      pusio                             MAMJ   OND   U[822]

[]      rennyi                              M          R[823]

        rimosa – see Pseudosperma rimosum

[]      salicis                            AM     ND   R[824]

[]      sindonia                        J M    ASOND   R[825]

[]      soluta                          JFMAMJ     D   R[826]

        sororia – see Pseudosperma sororium

[]      splendens var. splendens            M          R[827]

[]      splendens var. phaeoleuca         M            R[828]

[]      stellatospora                    F AMJ ASOND   U[829]

[]      striata                              J         R[830]

[]      suaveolens                               O     R[831]

[]      subcarpta                       J  AMJ  SOND   U[832]

        terrigena – see Mallocybe terrigena

[]      umbratica                                  D   R[833]

        whitei - see Inocybe pudica

[]      xanthomelas                         M    OND   R[834]


        tomentosus - see Onnia tomentosa


[]      calamistratum                        J ASON    U[835]

[]      lanatodiscum                             O     R[836]

[]      mucidiolens                             SO     U[837]


[]      lacteus                         JFM M     ND   R[838]


[]      resinosum                          A     OND   R[839]


[]      hirtus                          JF       OND   C[840]


[]      cineracea                       JF             R[841]

[]      floccosa                        JFM        D   R[842]


[]      deusta                           F AM          R[843]


[]      lignicola                           MJJA       R[844]

[]      mutabilis                        F  M   SO     C[845]

        vernalis - see Kuehneromyces lignicola


[]      argillaceus                      F  M          R[846]


[]      amethysteo-occidentalis         JF      SOND   A[847]

[]      bicolor                         J        OND   U[848]

[]      laccata                         JFMAMJJASOND   A[849]

[]      ohiensis                           A           R[850]

[]      tetraspora                      JF A    S N    R[851]


[]      alboviolascens                  JFM  J    N    U[852]

        inquilina – see Psilachnum inquilinum


[]      calyciformis                    JFM  J     D   U[853]

[]      gallica                         JFMA J    ND   R[854]

[]      occidentalis                    J        O     R[855]

[]      subtilissima                    J              R[856]


[]      brevipilosum                    JF A J    ND   R[857]

[]      corticale                                  D   R[858]                               

[]      fasciculare                        AM JA       R[859]

[]      impudicum                        F A       D   R[860]

[]      nudipes                               J        R[861]

[]      pudibundum                      J  AMJJAS      R[862]

[]      pygmaeum                        J      A       R[863]

[]      rhytismatis                          JJ        R[864]

[]      virgineum                         MAMJJ    D   U[865]


[]      lacrymabunda                              N    R[866]


[]      argillaceifolius                  F            R[867]

[]      controversus                            SO     R[868]

[]      deliciosus group                        SOND   A[869]

[]      fallax                                  SON    U[870]

[]      fragilis                         J      S  D   R[871]

[]      glyciosmus                                N    U[872]

[]      hepaticus                             J SOND   R[873]

[]      kauffmanii                       J    J SOND   U[874]

[]      luculentus                               OND   C[875]

[]      mucidus                                 SO     R[876]

[]      necator                                  O     R[877]

[]      occidentalis                       A J  SON    U[878]

[]      olivaceoumbrinus                      J  ON    R[879]

[]      olympianus                              SON    R[880]

[]      pallescens                               ON    C[881]

[]      pseudomucidus                           SOND   C[882]

        plumbeus - see necator

[]      repraesentaneus                          O     R[883]

[]      rubrilacteus                             OND   A[884]

[]      rufus                                    ON    R[885]

[]      rufulus                                  O     R[886]

        sanguifluus - see rubrilacteus

[]      scrobiculatus                          ASON    U[887]

[]      subflammeus                              O     R[888]

[]      subviscidus                     J       SOND   U[889]

[]      torminosus group                         O     u[890]

        turpis – see necator

[]      uvidus                                  SON    C[891]


        minnsiae – see Corticium minnsiae


[]      conifericola                    JF    JASON    C[892]

[]      gilbertsonii                             O     R[893]


[]      luteovirescens                  J    J  SON    R[894]


        barbatum – see Trichopezizella barbata

        relicinum - see Lachnum relicinum

        corticale – see Lachnum corticale

[]      variegatum                      J    J A   D   R[895]               


[]      cuniculi                              JA       R[896]


[]      ovina                                J         R[897]

[]      strigosa                        J              R[898]


[]      capitatus                                      R[899]


[]      insigne                                  O     R[900]

[]      manzanitae                               ON    U[901]

[]      ponderosum                               ON    R[902]

[]      scabrum                                ASON    C[903]


[]      byssiseda                       J              R[904]

[]      pinicola                        J       SOND   R[905]


[]      flabelliformis                       J    ND   R[906]

[]      micheneri                       J        OND   R[907]

        omphalodes - see micheneri

[]      ursinus                                  ON    R[908]


        kauffmanii - see Neolentinus kauffmanii


[]      betulina                           A      N    R[909]


[]      boudieri                                 OND   R[910]

[]      brunneoincarnata                          N    R[911]

[]      carinii                                   N    R[912]

[]      castanea                        J        OND   R[913]

[]      clypeolaria                               N    R[914]

[]      clypeolarioides                      J  S      R[915]

[]      cristata                                 ON    C[916]

[]      earlei                                  S      R[917]

[]      felina                                         R[918]

[]      griseovirens                             O     R[919]

[]      hymenoderma                               N    R[920]

        ignipes – see Lepiota castanea

[]      josserandii                             SOND   R[921]

        leucothites – see Leucoagaricus leucothites

        lutea - see Leucocoprinus birnbaumii

[]      magnispora                              SON    C[922]

        naucina - see Leucoagaricus leucothites

[]      pallida                                  O     R[923]

[]      pseudofelina                             ON    R[924]

        rubrotincta - see Leucoagaricus rubrotinctus

        seminuda - see Cystolepiota seminuda

[]      subincarnata                             O     R[925]

[]      tomentella                              SO     R[926]

[]      ventriosospora                                 R[927]


[]      densifolia                      J          D   R[928]

[]      flaccida                        J              R[929]

[]      glaucocana                               O     R[930]

[]      inversa                         J  A     OND   C[931]

        nebularis - see Clitocybe nebularis

[]      irina                                     N    R[932]

[]      nuda                             F       OND   C[933]


[]      approximata                             S      R[934]

[]      asprella                                 O     R[935]

[]      badissima                           M          R[936]

[]      convexa var. badiodorsa                  O     R[937]

[]      diversa                                  O     R[938]

[]      exalbida                                 O     R[939]

[]      formosa                           M  J   ON    R[940]

[]      fuligineomarginata                             R[941]

[]      grisea                                         R[942]

[]      cf. parva                                O     R[943]

[]      separata                                 O     R[944]

[]      serrulata                                OND   R[945]

[]      sodalis                                   N    R[946]

[]      strictipes                                N    R[947]

[]      subviduensis                       A           R[948]

[]      tjallingiorum                            O     R[949]

[]      turci                                J         R[950]

[]      viridiflavipes                           O     R[951]

[]      yatesii                                    D   R[952]


[]      mollis                          JF       OND   R[953]


[]      acuta                               M  A       R[954]

[]      eustoma                               J        R[955]


[]      mutabilis                             J        R[956]   


[]      ceres                                    ON    U[957]


[]      americanus                                     R[958]

[]      leucothites                            ASON    C[959]

        naucinus - see leucothites

[]      rubrotinctus group                      SON    C[960]


[]      birnbaumii                         AM          U[961]

[]      brebissonii                              O     R[962]

        cepaestipes var luteus - see birnbaumii

        luteus - see birnbaumii


[]      candicans                                 N    R[963]


[]      rubescens                           M    O     R[964]


[]      albissimus                      JF   J   OND   U[965]

        amarus - see gentianeus

[]      gentianeus                      J       SOND   C[966]

        giganteus - see Aspropaxillus giganteus

[]      septentrionalis                          O     R[967]


[]      umbellifera                      FMAMJJ  OND   A[968]

[]      alpina                             A           R[969]


[]      glioderma                               SON    R[970]

        illinita – see Zhuliangomyces illinita

        ochraceolutea – see Zhuliangomyces ochraceolutea


        foetidum - see nigrescens

[]      nigrescens                            J SOND   U[971]

[]      perlatum                        JFM     SOND   A[972]

[]      pusillum                                       R[973]

        pyriforme – see Apioperdon pyriforme


[]      crustosus                       JFMA JJ    D   R[974]


        anthracophilum – see Tephrocybe anthracophila

        boudieri – see Myochromella boudieri

[]      decastes group                          SON    C[975]

        impexum – see Tephrocybe impexa

[]      leptosarx                        F             R[976]

        montanum – see Clitocybe glacialis

        multiceps group - see Lyophyllum decastes group

[]      oldae                            F        ND   R[977]

[]      ozes                            J        OND   R[978]

        platypum – see Tephrocybe platypus

        rancidum – see Tephrocybe rancida

[]      semitale                         F       OND   U[979]


[]      cruciatus or gardneri                  A OND   R[980]


        chlorinosmus – see Russula chlorineolens

        luteolus – see Russula stricklandiorum


[]      cucumis                                  OND   C[981]

Macrolepiota - see Chlorophyllum


[]      juncea                                   ON    R[982]


[]      gymnocarpa                          M          R[983]          

[]      perbrevis                          AM   SO     R[984]

[]      terrigena                         M M          R[985]


[]      candidus                        JFMAMJ ASOND   C[986]

[]      pluvius                                A O     R[987]


        androsaceus – see Gymnopus androsaceus

        candidus - see Marasmiellus candidus

        chordalis – see Marasmius undatus

        copelandii – see Mycetinis copelandii

[]      epiphyllus                               O     R[988]

[]      limosus                                 S      R[989]

[]      oreades                             M JASON    A[990]

[]      pallidocephalus                       J        R[991]

[]      plicatulus                      JF       OND   C[992]

        salalis - see Mycetinis salalis

        scorodonius – see Mycetinis scorodius

[]      undatus                                  ON    R[993]


[]      grandispora                                    R[994]


[]      platyphylla                              O     R[995]


[]      variegatus                              S      R[996]


[]      alboflavida                              O     R[997]

[]      cognata                           M M   SON    R[998]

[]      exscissa                           A      N    R[999]

[]      graminicola                     JFM            R[1000]

[]      humilis                                  O     R[1001]

[]      cf. melaleuca                     MAM    ON    R[1002]

[]      stridula                        JFMAM    OND   U[1003]


[]      echinatum                                      R[1004]


        horizontalis – see Deconica horizontalis

        textilis - see Deconica horizontalis


        corium – see Byssomerulius corium


        tremellosus - see Phlebia tremellosa


[]      olivaceum                                 N    R[1005]

[]      viride                             A           R[1006]       


[]      arbuticola                       F   J    ND   R[1007]

        foetidum - see Gymnopus foetidus    

        perforans - see Gymnopus perforans


        semilibera – see Morchella populiphila


        abietis - see Heyderia abietis

[]      elegans                            AMJ         R[1008]


[]      cinerea                          FMAMJ A   D   U[1009]

[]      discolor                               A       R[1010]

[]      lividofusca                     JF  M  A   D   R[1011]

[]      ventosa                                A       R[1012]


[]      americana                         MAMJ         R[1013]

[]      elata clade                       MAMJ         C[1014]

[]      populiphila                        A           R[1015]

        semilibera – see Morchella populiphila


[]      bresadolae                      J         ND   R[1016]

[]      pendula                          F        ND   R[1017]

[]      pulchra                           M       ND   R[1018]


[]      mucida                           F             R[1019]

[]      vernalis                             J         R[1020]


[]      mutatum                         JF             R[1021]


[]      caninus                                  O     R[1022]


[]      abramsii                        J MAM   SOND   U[1023]

[]      acicula                             MJJASO     U[1024]

[]      aciculata                       JF       O D   R[1025]

        adonis - see Atheniella adonis

[]      adscendens                      J              R[1026]

[]      albicolor                              A       R[1027]

        albissima - see Hemimycena subimmaculata

[]      ‘alcalina’                      JFMA JJ SOND   C[1028]

[]      alcaliniformis                  JF      SOND   U[1029]

[]      algeriensis                              OND   R[1030]

        amabilissima - see Atheniella adonis

[]      amicta                          JFMAMJ ASOND   C[1031]

[]      atroalboides                       A   ASOND   U[1032]

        aurantiidisca - see Atheniella aurantiidisca

[]      aurantiomarginata                        OND   U[1033]

[]      avenacea                                SO     R[1034]

        brownii - see cinerella

[]      capillaripes                            SON    R[1035]

[]      capillaris                           J  SON    R[1036]

[]      chloranthoides                  J        ON    R[1037]

[]      cineraria                                 N    R[1038]

[]      cinerella                       JF       OND   R[1039]

[]      citrinomarginata                   A    SON    R[1040]

        clavata – see Phloeomana clavata

[]      clavicularis                             O     R[1041]

[]      corticola                       JF             R[1042]

[]      corynephora                     J              R[1043]

        debilis - see deceptor

[]      deceptor                        J        OND   R[1044]

        delicatella - see Hemimycena delicatella

        elegans (Fr.) Quél. - see Mycena chloranthoides

[]      elegantula                      J       SOND   R[1045]

[]      epipterygia                     J        OND   C[1046]

        epipterygiodes - see epipterygia var. epipterygioides

[]      excisa                                     D   R[1047]

        fibula - see Rickenella fibula

[]      filopes                         JFMAM JASOND   C[1048]

        flavoalba - see Atheniella flavoalba

[]      fragillima                       F    J  OND   R[1049]

[]      fuliginella                     JF             R[1050]

[]      fusco-ocula                             SOND   R[1051]

[]      galericulata                    JFMA    SOND   C[1052]

[]      galopus                                 SOND   R[1053]

        griseoviridis - see epipterygia var. griseoviridis

        gypsea - see Hemimycena cucullata

[]      haematopus                         AMJ ASOND   C[1054]

        hiemalis – see Phloeomana hiemalis

[]      hudsoniana                       F             R[1055]

        ignobilis – see Hemimycena ignobilis

[]      inclinata                       JF        N    R[1056]

        iodiolens - see Mycena filopes

[]      laevigata                              A ON    R[1057]

[]      leptocephala                    JFMAMJ  SOND   C[1058]

        lilacifolia - see Chromosera cyanophylla

[]      lohwagii                                 OND   R[1059]

[]      longipes                                 OND   R[1060]

        longiseta - see aciculata

[]      luteopallens                              ND   R[1061]

[]      maculata                        JF       OND   R[1062]

[]      metata                          JFMA  JASOND   C[1063]

[]      minutissima                             S      R[1064]

[]      mirata                               J         R[1065]   

[]      murina                          JF    J SON    R[1066]

        nodulosa – see Mycenella nodulosa

        occidentalis - see Mycena maculata

[]      olivaceomarginata                       SON    R[1067]

[]      oregonensis                           J SON    U[1068]

[]      parabolica                      JFMA     OND   U[1069]

[]      paucilamellata                    M            R[1070]

        speirea – see Phloeomana

        phyllogena - see metata

[]      picta                                     N    R[1071]

[]      pseudocorticola                            D   R[1072]

[]      pura                            J MAMJJ SOND   A[1073]

[]      purpureofusca                   JF A   ASOND   U[1074]

[]      pusilla                                  O     R[1075]

[]      renati                                  S ND   R[1076]

        rorida - see Roridomyces roridus

[]      roseipallens                       A       D   R[1077]

[]      rosella                                 SON    U[1078]

[]      rubromarginata                  J        OND   R[1079]

[]      rugulosiceps                            S ND   R[1080]

[]      rutilantiformis                          ON    R[1081]

[]      sanguinolenta                    F AMJ   OND   U[1082]

        stannea - see Mycena murina

        speirea – see Phleoemana speirea

[]      strobilinoides                          SON    R[1083]

[]      subcana                          F       OND   R[1084]

[]      subcucullata                     F      S ND   R[1085]

[]      subplicosa                       F         D   R[1086]

        subsupina - see Mycena alcaliniformis

[]      supina                                    ND   R[1087]

[]      tenax                                  ASON    R[1088]

        tenella - see Mycena lohwagii

        tenerrima - see Mycena adscendens

[]      ulmicola                                       R[1089]

[]      vitilis                                        R[1090]

[]      vulgaris                                 O     U[1091]


[]      bryophila                                O     R[1092]

[]      nodulosa                              J   ND   R[1093]


[]      copelandii                               O     R[1094]

[]      salalis                                  OND   C[1095]

[]      scorodonius                            A       R[1096]  


[]      aurea                                   S      R[1097]

[]      fuscoatra                             J S      R[1098]

[]      uda                             J  A           R[1099]


[]      scabripes                         M        D   R[1100]


[]      boudieri                        J          D   R[1101]


[]      atratum                         J  A   A       R[1102]

Naematoloma - see Hypholoma


[]      alnetorum                              A O     R[1103]

[]      bohemica                           A           R[1104]

[]      escharioides                    J MA  J  ON    U[1105]

[]      melinoides                         AM   SON    U[1106]

[]      salicis                                 SO     R[1107]

[]      suavis                             A    SO     R[1108]


[]      cinnabarina                     JFM   JA  ND   U[1109]

[]      coccinea                          M            R[1110]

[]      fuckeliana                      JFM            R[1111]


[]      violacea                                  N    R[1112]


[]      aenea                            F             R[1113]

[]      serpens                            A     O D   R[1114]


[]      subcaeruleoporus                         ON    R[1115]


[]      ‘luridiformis’                          S      R[1116]


[]      cerina                                         R[1117]


[]      populi                                J        R[1118]


[]      kauffmanii                            JA ON    R[1119]


[]      pouchetti                           AM         R[1120]


[]      candida                          F AM  ASOND   C[1121]

[]      niveotomentosa                  JFMA    SOND   C[1122]


[]      farcta                                    N    R[1123]


[]      collapsa                            M          R[1124]

[]      confertula                           J         R[1125]

[]      grevillei                           M          R[1126]


[]      cetrata                         JFMAMJ A OND   C[1127]

[]      clandestina                          J   O     R[1128]

[]      farinolens                       FMAMJ   OND   R[1129]

[]      fructufragrans                           OND   R[1130]

[]      fusciceps                          A J  SON    R[1131]

[]      fusco-ortonii                        J         R[1132]   

[]      hebes                                J   ON    R[1133]

[]      hirtipes                        JFMA      ND   U[1134]

[]      holoconiota                     JFMAMJJASO     C[1135]

[]      latifolia                                 N    R[1136]

[]      lucida                           F AMJ  SON    R[1137]

[]      mammosa                                   N    R[1138]

[]      obscurata                           M    O     R[1139]

[]      pusillipapillata                   A JJ SON    R[1140]

[]      sericea                         JFM MJJ  OND   U[1141]

[]      staurospora                            ASON    R[1142]

[]      strictior                          A           R[1143]

[]      subcapitata                          J         R[1144]

[]      subsolstitialis                         S ND   R[1145]

[]      substrictior                       AM          R[1146]

[]      verna                            FMAM          R[1147]


[]      insidens                        JF A           R[1148]


        conspersum – see Botryobasidium conspersum


        balsameus - see Postia balsamea

        caesius - see Postia caesia

        chioneus - see Tyromyces chioneus

        fragilis - see Postia fragilis

        perdelicatus - see Postia perdelicata

        placentus - see Postia placenta

        sericeomollis - see Postia sericeomollis

        tephroleucus - see Postia tephroleuca


        chlorocyanea - see Arrhenia chlorocyanea

        chrysophylla - see Chrysomphalina chrysophylla

        discorosea – see Arrhenia discorosea

        epichysium - see Arrhenia epichysium

        ericetorum - see Lichenomphalia umbellifera

        fibula - see Rickenella fibula

        fusconigra – see Arrhenia fusconigra

        luteicolor - see Chrysomphalina aurantiaca

        obscurata – see Arrhenia obscurata

[]      pyxidata                        J         ND   R[1149]

        Rickenii – see Arrhenia rickenii

[]      rivulicola                         A           R[1150]

        sphagnicola – see Arrhenia sphagnicola

        velutipes – see Arrhenia velutipes

        viridis - see Arrhenia chlorocyanea


[]      tomentosa                                ON    C[1151]


[]      myrmecophila                       AM J  O     R[1152]


[]      delicatula                          MJ  SO     R[1153]

[]      inflatula                         M MJ A       R[1154]

[]      leucostigma                          J         R[1155]

[]      luteorubella                            S      R[1156]

[]      sarraziniana                           A       R[1157]

[]      xanthostigma                     FA  J  SON    R[1158]


[]      lignatilis                               ON    R[1159]


[]      obducta                                   N    R[1160]


[]      alutacea group                           OND   U[1161]

[]      leporina                                  ND   R[1162]

[]      onotica                         JF       OND   U[1163]

[]      smithii                         J        OND   U[1164]


[]      corticola                                OND   R[1165]

[]      cuneatus                                S      R[1166]

[]      similis                                    D   R[1167]


[]      caliginosus                               N    R[1168]

[]      cinctulus                                 N    R[1169]

[]      campanulatus group                       O     R[1170]

[]      fimicola                                  N    R[1171]

[]      foenisecii                           JJASON    U[1172]


[]      longinquus                      JFM      OND   U[1173]

[]      mitis                           J        O D   R[1174]

        serotinus – Sarcomyxa serotina

[]      stipticus                        F A    SOND   R[1175]


[]      conchatus                            J A       R[1176]

        stipticus - see Panellus stipticus

        torulosus - see conchatus


[]      monticola                          AMJ         R[1177]


[]      minutissima                             S      R[1178]

[]      rusticoides                          J         R[1179]

[]      sericeonitida                        J    N    R[1180]


[]      leiocephala                          J         R[1181]

[]      plicatilis                               ON    R[1182]


[]      extumescens                      F             R[1183]


        niveocremeum – see Sistotremastrum niveocremeum


        atrotomentosus - see Tapinella atrotomentosa

[]      involutus group                        ASON    A[1184]

        panuoides - see Tapinella panuoides


[]      aurantiaca                       F    JA O     U[1185]

[]      cinerea                         JFM M J    D   U[1186]

[]      decorticans                     JFMAMJ A   D   U[1187]

[]      incarnata                       JFMAMJ  S  D   U[1188]

[]      polygonia                       JF         D   R[1189]

[]      septentrionalis                 JF             R[1190]

[]      violaceolivida                    M        D   R[1191]


[]      praetermissum                    FM MJJ        R[1192]

[]      pubera                           FMAMJ  SO D   R[1193]



[]      distincta                          A           R[1194]


[]      badia                                 JASO     R[1195]

[]      brunneoatra                            AS      R[1196]

[]      domiliciana                       M            R[1197]

[]      echinospora                          J         R[1198]

[]      nivalis                              J         R[1199]

[]      ‘repanda’                         M MJ  SO     R[1200]

[]      sylvestris                        M            R[1201]

[]      vesiculosa                         AM          R[1202]


[]      alniella                               A       R[1203]  


[]      curta                                      D   R[1204]

[]      myceliosa                       JF      SOND   U[1205]


[]      ammiratii                               SO     R[1206]

[]      attenuata                                O     R[1207]

[]      fallax                                  SO     R[1208]

[]      kauffmanii                              SO     R[1209]

[]      oregonensis                                    r[1210]

[]      phaeogaleroides                       JA       R[1211]

[]      piceae                                   O     R[1212]

[]      pseudofestiva                            O     ­R[1213]

[]      redheadii                               SO     R[1214]

[]      rifflipes                                      r[1215]


[]      carneum                                    D   R[1216]

        extumescens see – Parorbiliopsis extumescens

[]      subcarneum                             AS ND   R[1217]

        umbilicatum – see Hymenoscyphus umbilicatus


[]      aurea                                    ON    U[1218]


[]      schweinitzii                    JFMAMJJASOND   A[1219]


[]      erinaceus                                      R[1220]

[]      rimulincola                     J          D   R[1221]


[]      vagans                             A           R[1222]


[]      impudicus                            JJA O     r[1223]


[]      carnosa                             M J S      R[1224]

[]      laevis                           F             R[1225]

[]      sanguinea                       J   M JASO D   R[1226]

[]      sordida                         J   MJJ S  D   R[1227]

[]      tuberculata                         M          R[1228]


        ferreus - see Fuscoporia ferrea

        ferruginosa - see Fuscoporia ferruginosa

[]      igniarius                        F AMJ  SO     C[1229]

        pini - see Porodaedalea pini

        robustus - see Fomitiporia robusta


[]      atratus                         J  A     OND   R[1230]

[]      melaleucus                              SO     R[1231]

[]      tomentosus                              SOND   U[1232]


[]      acerina                          F             R[1233]

[]      cretacea                         F             R[1234]

[]      livida                                    ND   R[1235]

        merismoides - see radiata

[]      phlebioides                     J   M          R[1236]

[]      radiata                          FM     SOND   R[1237]

[]      rufa                            J   MJJA   D   R[1238]

[]      subcretacea                         M          R[1239]

[]      subochracea                      F     A       R[1240]

[]      subserialis                     J              R[1241]

[]      tremellosa                      JF      SOND   R[1242]


[]      christiansenii                  JFM M          R[1243]

[]      tulasnelloidea                   FM M          R[1244]


[]      clavata                         J        OND   R[1245]

[]      hiemalis                                  N    R[1246]

[]      speirea                         JF AMJJASOND   C[1247]


        helvelloides - see Guepinia helvelloides


        albocrenulata - see Hemistropharia albocrenulata                       

[]      astragalina                              OND   C[1248]

[]      aurivella                                O     R[1249]

[]      decorata                        J        OND   R[1250]

[]      flavida                                  ON    R[1251]

[]      graminis                                  N    R[1252]

[]      highlandensis                       M    O     R[1253]

[]      lenta                                     N    R[1254]

        lignicola - see Kuehneromyces lignicola

[]      limonella                                ON    C[1255]

[]      malicola group                          SON    R[1256]

        mutabilis - see Kuehneromyces mutabilis

[]      olympiana                                 N    R[1257]

[]      scamba                            MA     ON    R[1258]

[]      spumosa                              J         R[1259]

[]      squarrosa                       J        ON    R[1260]

[]      terrestris                         AM  ASON    C[1261]

[]      tuberculosa                              O     R[1262]


        filaris - see Conocybe filaris


[]      arenicola group                   MAMJ   ON    U[1263]


[]      rivulosus                        F A   A       R[1264]

[]      vitreus                                A       R[1265]


        ericetorum - see Lichenomphalia umbellifera


[]      concentricus                      MAM          R[1266]


[]      arhizus                                A ON    R[1267]

        tinctorius - see arhizus


[]      cupressina                      JFMA      N    U[1268]

[]      vulgaris                        JFMA      ND   U[1269]


[]      melastoma                         MAMJ         U[1270]

[]      milleri                            A           R[1271]

[]      nannfeldtii                      FMA           U[1272]


[]      herbarum                        J              R[1273]


[]      porrigens                       J   MJ ASON    A[1274]


[]      ragazziana                      J              R[1275]


[]      dryinus                                 SOND   U[1276]

[]      ostreatus group                  FMAMJJASOND   A[1277]

        porrigens - see Pleurocybella porrigens


[]      trachycarpa                        A           R[1278]


[]      nivea                                J   OND   U[1279]


        atricapillus - see cervinus

[]      atromarginatus                           O     R[1280]

[]      cervinus group                  JFMAMJJASOND   C[1281]

[]      cinereofuscus                          A ON    R[1282]

[]      exiguus                                 S N    R[1283]

[]      granularis                               O     R[1284]

[]      leoninus                                SO     R[1285]

        lutescens - see romellii

[]      nanus                                   S      R[1286]

[]      pallescens                             AS      R[1287]

[]      petasatus                            JJ        R[1288]

[]      plautus                          F     ASO D   R[1289]      

[]      podospileus forma minutissimus           ON    R[1290]

[]      podospileus f. podospileus              S      R[1291]

[]      pouzarianus                        AMJ    N    R[1292]

[]      primus                              MJ  SON    R[1293]

[]      romellii                        JFMA    SOND   U[1294]

[]      roseipes                                 O     R[1295]

[]      thomsonii                           MJJ S N    R[1296]


        alutaceum - see Hypocrea alutacea


[]      pruinosa                         F         D   R[1297]


[]      multiplex group                         SO     R[1298]


[]      sublividus group                       A       R[1299]


[]      badius                          JFMAMJJASOND   C[1300]

[]      brumalis                            MJ         R[1301]

[]      elegans                           M M   SO     C[1302]

        hirtus - see Jahnoporus hirtus

[]      melanopus                           MJJ  O     R[1303]

        picipes - see badius

        decurrens - see tuberaster

[]      radicatus                                 N    R[1304]

[]      tuberaster                           J    N    R[1305]

[]      varius                             AMJ  SO     U[1306]


        corticola – see Oxyporus corticola


[]      pini                            JFMAMJJASOND   C[1307]


[]      porphyrosporus                          SON    R[1308]


[]      balsamea                                S ND   R[1309]

[]      caesia group                    JF  M  ASOND   C[1310]

[]      fragilis                        JFMA   ASOND   U[1311]

[]      perdelicata                             SO     U[1312]

[]      placenta                           AM     N    U[1313]

[]      sericeomollis                     M    ASON    U[1314]

[]      tephroleuca                             SON    R[1315]


[]      fulvostrigosa                             ND   R[1316]

[]      versatilis                                ND   R[1317]


[]      versicolor                      JFM  J         R[1318]


[]      farinosa                                   D   R[1319]


[]      semiglobata                             S      R[1320]


[]      barlowiana                               O     R[1321]

[]      candolleana                         MJJASO     U[1322]

        cernua – see Homophron cernuum

[]      delineata                                 N    R[1323]

[]      distans                                    D   R[1324]

[]      gracilis group                           ON    R[1325]

[]      griseopallida                    F       O     R[1326]

        hydrophila - see piluliformis  

[]      hymenocephala                    F       ON    R[1327]

[]      longistriata                    J MAM   SOND   C[1328]

[]      multipedata                              O     R[1329]

[]      microrhiza                                N    R[1330]

[]      murcida                                   N    R[1331]

[]      noli-tangere                      M      O     R[1332]

[]      obtusata                        J   M     N    R[1333]              

[]      ocellata                                 OND   R[1334]

[]      olympiana                       J M       ND   R[1335]

[]      orbitarum                                O     R[1336]

[]      paradoxa                                  ND   R[1337]

[]      pennata                            A           R[1338] 

[]      piluliformis                       AM    OND   R[1339]

[]      praetenuis                         A           R[1340]

[]      prona                              A JJA       R[1341]

[]      pseudolarga                        A           R[1342]

[]      pseudotrepida                           S N    R[1343]

[]      quercicola                                 D   R[1344]

[]      rubicola                            M          R[1345]

[]      sacchariolens                             N    R[1346]

[]      senex                             M      OND   R[1347]

[]      spadiceogrisea                    MA  JA   D   R[1348]

[]      subcaerulea                                D   R[1349]

[]      subcinnamomea                      A           R[1350]

[]      subhepatica                                D   R[1351]

[]      subnuda var. velosa                      O     R[1352]

[]      subsquamulosa                     M            R[1353]

[]      tephrophylla                      M    A O     R[1354]

        velutina - see Lacrymaria velutina

[]      vesiculocystis                  JFMAM    ON    U[1355]


[]      ectypoides                             ASO D   R[1356]


        tabacina – see Hymenochaetopsis tabacina


[]      cyathiformis                    JF       OND   U[1357]

[]      obbata                           F         D   R[1358]


[]      gelatinosum                     JFM     SOND   A[1359]


[]      pachyphylla                              O     R[1360]


[]      cervaria                              JA       R[1361]


[]      melaena                         JFMAM          U[1362]

        vogesiaca – see melaena

[]      nigrella                         FMAMJ    N    U[1363]


[]      latahense                        FM M          R[1364]


[]      rimosum                         J M   JA O D   U[1365]

[]      sororium                           FM  ASOND   C[1366]


[]      chrysostigmum                     MA J         R[1367]

[]      inquilinum                        M            R[1368]


        crobula – see Deconica crobula

[]      cyanescens                              SON    U[1369]

[]      cyanofibrillosa                           N    R[1370]

        inquilina – see Deconica inquilina

        montana – see Deconica montana

[]      pelliculosa                              ON    R[1371]

        phyllogena – see Deconica phyllogena

[]      semilanceata                            SON    U[1372]

[]      stuntzii                                 O     R[1373]


[]      alboluteus                      JF     A   D   R[1374]

[]      fulgens                                A O     R[1375]


[]      cinnabarinus                           ASO     R[1376]    


        atrogleba - see Schenella simplex

        fuscogleba – see Geastrum fuscogleba                 


[]      acrisiccescens                           OND   R[1377]

[]      aurantiisiccescens                      SO     R[1378]

[]      araiospora                              SON    U[1379]

[]      botrytis                                  N    R[1380]

[]      botrytoides                        A           R[1381]  

[]      concolor                               A       R[1382]

        curta – see Phaeoclavulina curta

[]      cyaneigranosa                         J  O     R[1383]

[]      cystidiophora var. anisata              S      R[1384]

[]      cystidiophora var. cystidiophora        S      R[1385]

[]      cystidiophora var. fabiolens             O     R[1386]

[]      fennica                                   N    R[1387]

[]      flaccida                                   D   R[1388]

[]      flavobrunnescens                         O     R[1389]

[]      formosa                                  O     R[1390]   

[]      gelatinosa                              SO     R[1391]

[]      marrii                           F AM          R[1392]

        myceliosa – see Phaeoclavulina myceliosa

[]      rasilispora                       M     SOND   U[1393]

[]      rubella var. rubella                      N    R[1394]

[]      rubiginosa                                N    R[1395]

[]      rubribrunnescens                        SO     R[1396]

[]      rubricarnata                      M M          R[1397]

[]      rubrievanescens                     M     N    R[1398]

[]      sandaracina                             SO     U[1399]

[]      stricta                                  OND   U[1400]

[]      testaceoflava                            ON    R[1401]

[]      thiersii                                S      R[1402]

[]      velocimutans                       A           R[1403]

[]      vinosimaculans                           O     R[1404]

[]      violaceibrunnea                           N    R[1405]


[]      albo-ochraceum                  J   MJ         R[1406]

[]      flavomarginatum                 JFM M      D   R[1407]


[]      kunzei                           FM            R[1408]

[]      subtilis                                   D   R[1409]


[]      furfuraceum                                    R[1410]

[]      praeteritum                                    r[1411]   


[]      saccharifera                              N    R[1412]


[]      applicatus group                          N    R[1413]

[]      urceolatum                      J              R[1414]                            


[]      undulata                             JJA ON    U[1415]


[]      ellenae                            AMJ    ND   U[1416]

[]      ochraceorubens                           O     R[1417]

[]      parksii                                  OND   C[1418]

[]      salebrosus                         A           R[1419]

[]      villosulus                                 D   R[1420]

[]      vinicolor                          A      N    R[1421]


[]      badiialba                         M        D   R[1422]

[]      butyracea                       JF      SOND   C[1423]

[]      maculata                         FMAM          U[1424]

[]      oregonensis                     JF       OND   U[1425]


        aureicystidiata – see Clitopilus aureicystidiatus

[]      fallax                           F             R[1426]               

[]      hirneola                                 OND   R[1427]

[]      melleopallens                            O D   R[1428]

[]      mundula                           M  J  SOND   R[1429]

[]      nitellina                       J       SOND   U[1430]

        nuciolens – see Clitopilus nuciolens

        popinalis – see Clitocella popinalis

[]      roseiavellanea                           OND   R[1431]


[]      arbuti                                   O     R[1432]

[]      punctatum                       JF             A[1433]


[]      fibula                              M J SON    C[1434]

[]      swartzii                             JJA O     R[1435]


[]      bryophila                       J          D   R[1436]

[]      paludosa                              J        R[1437]


[]      metrodii                                 O D   R[1438]

[]      serotinus                                O     R[1439]

[]      tricholoma                                     R[1440]


[]      roridus                         JFM MJJASOND   U[1441]

Rozites - see Cortinarius


[]      pulcherrimus                           ASO     R[1442]


[]      ‘abietina’                         A     ON    R[1443]

[]      adusta                                   ON    R[1444]

[]      aeruginea                              ASO     R[1445]

[]      albida                                   O     R[1446]

[]      albonigra                              ASON    R[1447]

[]      alutacea                                S      R[1448]

[]      americana                                ON    R[1449]

[]      anthracina var. insipida                 O     R[1450]

[]      bicolor                              J ASOND   R[1451]

[]      brevipes                           A   ASOND   A[1452]

[]      brevipes var. acrior                   ASOND   C[1453]

[]      brunneola                              ASON    R[1454]

[]      brunneoviolacea                 JF       OND   R[1455]

[]      cascadensis                             SOND   U[1456]

[]      cerolens                                SOND   U[1457]

[]      cessans                           F AM  SOND   R[1458]

[]      chlorineolens  (sequestrate)             ON    R[1459]

[]      crassotunicata                          SON    U[1460]

[]      cremoricolor                               D   R[1461]

[]      crenulata                       J   M   SOND   R[1462]

[]      decolorans                               O     R[1463]

[]      densifolia                      JF   JJ SON    R[1464]

[]      dissimulans                             S      R[1465]

[]      elaeodes                               A O     R[1466]

[]      emetica                               J  O     U[1467]

        farinipes – see Russula pallescens

[]      fragilis group                  J    J ASON    U[1468]

[]      fragrantissima                  J      ASOND   R[1469]

[]      granulata                                 ND   R[1470]

        ‘isabelliniceps’-see Russula xerampelina var.

[]      laccata                                        R[1471]

[]      laurocerasi                           J SO D   R[1472]

[]      lepidiformis                                   R[1473]

[]      ‘lutea’                               J SON    R[1474]

[]      maculata                                  N    R[1475]

[]      mariae                                   O     R[1476]

[]      medullata                                      R[1477]

        mordax - see comment on R. ‘veternosa’

[]      murrillii                       J        OND   R[1478]

[]      mustelina                            J   ON    R[1479]

[]      nigricans                              ASON    U[1480]

[]      occidentalis                          JASON    U[1481]

[]      ochroleuca                                N    R[1482]

[]      olivacea                                 O     R[1483]

[]      olivaceoviolascens                       O     r[1484]

[]      pallescens                              SO     R[1485]

[]      parazurea                               S      R[1486]

[]      pectinata                                O     R[1487]

[]      pectinatoides                            O     R[1488]

[]      pelargonia                               O     R[1489]

[]      placita                         JF  MJJ  O D   R[1490]

[]      puellaris                               S      R[1491]

[]      queletii group                          S ND   U[1492]

[]      raoultii                           A J    N    R[1493]

[]      rhodocephala                           ASOND   C[1494]

[]      sardonia group                           OND   R[1495]

[]      semirubra                                OND   R[1496]

[]      silvicola                               SOND   C[1497]

[]      sororia group                      A J  SOND   C[1498]

[]      stricklandiorum (sequestrate)            O     R[1499]

[]      stuntzii                        JFMA     OND   U[1500]

[]      subalutacea                                    R[1501]

[]      turci                                          R[1502]

[]      velenovskyi                               ND   R[1503]

[]      vesca                                          R[1504]  

[]      ‘veternosa’                     J      ASOND   R[1505]

[]      viscida                                        R[1506]

[]      virescens                                ON    R[1507]

[]      ‘xerampelina’                         JASOND   A[1508]

[]      xerampelina var. isabelliniceps         SO     R[1509]

        xerampelina var. semirubra – see Russula semirubra


        luteovirescens – see Lanzia luteovirescens

[]      petiolorum                                 D   R[1510]

[]      sydowiana                                 N    R[1511]


[]      tylicolor                                 ND   R[1512]


[]      calvatus                                S      R[1513]

        fuligineoviolaceus – see Hydnellum fuligineoviolaceum

        fuscoindicus – see Hydnellum fuscoindicum

[]      imbricatus                             ASON    U[1514]

[]      indurescens                          JJ        R[1515]

[]      rimosus                                  O     R[1516]

        scabrosus – see Hydnellum scabrosum

        squamosus – see footnote on Sarcodon imbricatus

[]      stereosarcinon                         A       R[1517]

        versipellis – see Hydnellum versipelle


[]      serotina                        JFM      OND   C[1518]


        latahense - see Pseudosarcosoma latahense

        mexicanum - see Urnula padeniana


[]      coronaria                         MAM          U[1519]

        crassa - see coronaria

        eximia - see coronaria


[]      resinae                                        U[1520]


[]      commune                          F AMJ    ND   U[1521]


[]      paradoxa                        JFMAMJJASOND   U[1522]

[]      radula                                  S N    R[1523]


[]      areolatum                       J       SO D   R[1524]

        aurantium - see citrinum

[]      cepa                                 JJ  OND   C[1525]

[]      citrinum                        J      ASOND   U[1526]


[]      rimosa                              M   S      R[1527]


[]      scutellata                       F AMJJASO D   U[1528]


        hirtus - see Jahnoporus hirtus


[]      ochroleucum                             SON    R[1529]


[]      arachnoidea                             SO     R[1530]


[]      epigaea                            A  J        R[1531]


[]      centunculus                            A       R[1532]

[]      rubi                                   ASOND   R[1533]

[]      sumptuosa                           M  ASOND   R[1534]


[]      confluens                        F             R[1535]


[]      niveocremeum                      MA           R[1536]


[]      alutacea                        J M MJ A       R[1537]

[]      nivea                            F AMJ         R[1538]

[]      odora                           JFM            R[1539]


[]      fimicola                              J        R[1540]


[]      rhenana                                   N    R[1541]


[]      crispa                            M   J SOND   C[1542]

        radicata - see crispa


[]      flavida                               JASOND   C[1543]


[]      stellatus                       J M    ASOND   U[1544]


[]      australis                             J        R[1545]


[]      paradoxa                                  N    R[1546]


[]      perplexa                                 O     R[1547]


[]      ciliolatum                       F         D   R[1548]

[]      fimbriatum                       F A J     D   R[1549]

[]      ochraceum                       JFMAMJJ S  D   R[1550]

[]      oreophilum                      JF  M  A       R[1551]


[]      humphreyi                                ON    R[1552]


[]      gausapatum                       F             R[1553]

[]      hirsutum                        JFMAMJJASOND   A[1554]

[]      rugosum                         J              R[1555]

[]      sanguinolentum                  JFMAMJJASO D   U[1556]

[]      striatum                        JFMAM      D   R[1557]


[]      radiata                         JF  MJ    ND   U[1558]


        urceolatum – see Resupinatus urceolatus                            


[]      byssiseda                                ON    R[1559]

[]      fimetaria                                O     R[1560] 


[]      albipilatus                           JASON    R[1561]

[]      occidentalis                             O     R[1562]

[]      trullisatus                       M   JASOND   A[1563]


[]      aeruginosa                               ON    R[1564]

[]      albonitens                               O     R[1565]

[]      ambigua                         JF A  J  OND   A[1566]

        aurantiaca sensu auct. - see Leratiomyces ceres

[]      coronilla                                O     R[1567]

[]      pseudocyanea                             ON    R[1568]

[]      rugosoannulata                        JAS      R[1569]

        semiglobata - see Protostropharia semiglobata


[]      longisporum                     J              R[1570]


[]      brevipes                                SON    U[1571]

[]      caerulescens                    JF  MJJASOND   A[1572]

        flavidus sensu auct. - see umbonatus

[]      glandulosipes                        J         R[1573]

[]      granulatus                              SOND   C[1574]

[]      lakei                           J     J SON    A[1575]

[]      luteus                                 ASOND   A[1576]

        neoalbidipes – see Suillus glandulosipes

[]      placidus                                 O     R[1577]

[]      punctatipes                                    R[1578]

[]      sibiricus                                O     C[1579]

[]      subolivaceus                             ON    R[1580]

[]      tomentosus                               ON    C[1581]

[]      umbonatus                                ON    U[1582]


[]      fusca                           JFMAM  A  ND   U[1583]

[]      gaillardia                           J         R[1584]

[]      lividofusca                     J   M  A       R[1585]


[]      occidentalis                          J        U[1586]


[]      atrotomentosa                         JASON    C[1587]

[]      panuoides                        FM      OND   C[1588]


[]      cupularis                         MAMJJ        U[1589]


[]      anthracophila                              D   R[1590]

        boudieri – see Myochromella boudieri

[]      fusispora                                 N    R[1591]

[]      impexa                                    N    R[1592]

        oldae – see Lyophullum oldae

        ozes – see Lyophyllum ozes

[]      platypus                        JF        N    R[1593]

        tylicolor – see Sagaranella tylicolor


[]      subdendrophora                  J       SOND   U[1594]


        pinguis - see Cortinarius pinguis


[]      stercoreus                            J        R[1595]


[]      anthocephala                       AMJ A OND   U[1596]

[]      palmata                          FM     SOND   U[1597]

[]      penicillata                          J         R[1598]

[]      regularis                               SO     R[1599]

[]      terrestris                       F      SON    C[1600]


[]      capitata                                 ON    R[1601]

[]      ophioglossoides                                R[1602]


[]      botryoides                                N    R[1603]

[]      bryophila                        F             R[1604]

[]      calcicola                           M          R[1605]

[]      coerulea                          M            R[1606]

[]      crinalis                             J         R[1607]

[]      subclavigera                      M M          R[1608]

[]      sublilacina                                    R[1609]

[]      terrestris                           J AS      R[1610]


[]      badium                              M          R[1611]


[]      echinospora                         M      D   R[1612]


[]      hirsuta group                   JFMA JJ  OND   U[1613]

[]      versicolor                      JFMAMJJASOND   A[1614]


[]      christiansenii                  JF             R[1615]

[]      farinacea                        F  MJ         R[1616]

[]      microspora                           J     D   R[1617]

[]      mollusca                        J              R[1618]


[]      aurantia                        JF  M          R[1619]

[]      encephala                       JFMA      ND   R[1620]

[]      foliacea                        J M       ND   R[1621]

[]      mesenterella                    JF        ND   R[1622]

[]      mesenterica                     JFMAM    OND   C[1623]

[]      moriformis                      J              R[1624]

[]      mycophaga                          A           R[1625]

[]      obscura                               J        R[1626]


[]      tuberosa                        JFM      OND   U[1627]


        helvelloides - see Guepinia helvelloides 


[]      abietinum                       JFMAMJJASOND   A[1628]

[]      biforme                            A           R[1629]


[]      ochroleuca                        M            R[1630]


[]      hirsutum                         FM       N    U[1631]


[]      apium                                    ON    U[1632]

[]      atroviolaceum                            O     R[1633]

[]      aurantio-olivaceum                         D   R[1634]

[]      aurantium                                OND   R[1635]

[]      bufonium                                 O D   R[1636]

[]      davisiae                                       R[1637]

[]      equestre                                 OND   C[1638]

        flavovirens – see Tricholoma equestre

[]      focale                                   O     R[1639]

[]      gausapatum                          M    ON    R[1640]

[]      griseoviolaceum                           N    R[1641]

[]      imbricatum                               ON    C[1642]

[]      inamoenum                                ON    U[1643]

[]      intermedium                              OND   R[1644]

        leucophyllum - see intermedium

        magnivelare – see murrillianum

[]      murrillianum                         J ASOND   C[1645]

[]      myomyces                            M   S  D   R[1646]

[]      pardinum                                 OND   U[1647]

[]      pessundatum                           J  OND   C[1648]

[]      populinum                             J  ON    U[1649]

[]      portentosum                              OND   U[1650]

[]      psammopus                                  D   R[1651]

[]      saponaceum                          M J  OND   C[1652]

[]      scalpturatum                     F    J  OND   R[1653]

[]      scioides                                  N    R[1654]

[]      sejunctum                              ASON    C[1655]

[]      stans                                    O     R[1656]

[]      sulphureum                               OND   C[1657]

[]      terreum group                   JF AMJ  SOND   C[1658]

[]      ustale                                    N    R[1659]

[]      ustaloides                                     R[1660]

[]      vaccinum                        J        OND   C[1661]

[]      virgatum                            M    OND   C[1662]

[]      zelleri                               J  OND   C[1663]


[]      decora                                J  ON    C[1664]

        platyphylla – see Megacollybia platyphylla

[]      rutilans                                SOND   C[1665]


[]      barbata                               J        R[1666]


[]      hybrida                              J         R[1667]


[]      citrina                               J SO     R[1668]


[]      conspersa                         MA JJ SOND   R[1669]

[]      furfuracea                       FMAMJ  SON    U[1670]

[]      hiemalis                        JFMA     OND   R[1671]

[]      praestans                       J    J   ON    R[1672]

[]      punicea                         JFM     SOND   U[1673]

[]      vinicolor                                O     R[1674]


[]      gibbosum                        J  A           R[1675]

[]      rapaeodorum                              O     R[1676]


[]      angustus                        J   MJJA       R[1677]

[]      borealis                            M          R[1678]

[]      chaetophorus                         J         R[1679]

[]      glebulosus                      JFM M JA   D   R[1680]

[]      sororius                           A           R[1681]

[]      subulatus                        FM MJ A       R[1682]


[]      brumale                                  O     R[1683]

[]      fimbriatum var. campestre                O     R[1684]


[]      floccosus                       J   MJJASOND   C[1685]

[]      kauffmanii                              SON    U[1686]


        pseudoscaber - see Porphyrellus porphyrosporus


[]      erythropus                              SON    R[1687]

[]      setipes                                  O     R[1688]  


        caesius - see Postia caesia

[]      chioneus group                  JFM M   SOND   C[1689]

        fragilis - see Postia fragilis

        lacteus - see Postia tephroleuca

        mollis – see Leptoporus mollis

        tephroleucus - see Postia tephroleuca


[]      padeniana                       JFMA           U[1690]


        deusta - see Kretzschmaria deusta


[]      heterodoxa                          M JASO     R[1691]


[]      lloydianum                             ASON    U[1692]


[]      rufo-olivacea                    FMA J   O D   R[1693]


[]      bohemica                           A           R[1694]

[]      conica                             AM          R[1695]


[]      truncorum                            JJ        R[1696]


[]      rehmii                            MA JJ        R[1697]


[]      silvicola                           M          R[1698]


[]      praeteritum                         M          R[1699]

[]      rimicola                         F  M          R[1700]

[]      tulasmelloideum                                R[1701]


        chrysenteron - see Xerocomellus chrysenteron

[]      subtomentosus group                     SOND   U[1702]

        zelleri – see Xerocomellus zelleri


        atropurpureus – see Xerocomellus zelleri group

[]      diffractus (chrysenteron misapp.)  A  JA ON    C[1703]

[]      mendocinensis (truncatus misapp.)    J  SOND   R[1704]

[]      rainisiae                                O     R[1705]

[]      zelleri group                   J  A  J  OND   C[1706]


[]      campanella                      JFMAMJ  SOND   A[1707]

[]      campanelloides                          S      R[1708]

[]      cauticinalis                    J M   JASOND   R[1709]

[]      cirris                                   O     R[1710]

[]      cornui                                 ASON    R[1711]

[]      fulvipes                        JFMAM JASOND   C[1712]

        picta – see Mycena picta


[]      hypoxylon                       JFMAM JASOND   A[1713]


[]      asper                            FM  J         R[1714]

[]      brevisetus                      JFM  J         R[1715]

[]      nespori                            ANJ A   D   R[1716]

[]      sambuci                           M M   S      R[1717]


[]      ochraceoluteus                           ON    R[1718]   

[]      illinita                                  N    R[1719]



Footnotes are used to indicate the evidence for the identification. The footnotes do not attempt to list all records, but the first entry will be a herbarium record if there is one. Different records are separated by semicolon and commas are used inside the designation of each record.


Easily visible fungi that do not fall into the orders mentioned at the beginning of the list that have been recorded by South Vancouver Island Mycological Society members include Pucciniastrum goeppertianum (Uredinales), Cucurbitaria spartii and Cucurbitaria berberidis (Pleosporales), Apiosporina morbosum (Pleosporales), Exobasidium vaccinii (Exobasidiales), Phyllactinia guttata (Erysiphales), Rhizopus stolonifer (Mucorales), Leptosphaeria acuta (Pleosporales), Rhytisma punctatum (Rhytismatales), Coccomyces arbutifolius (Rhytismatales), Coccomyces dentatus (Rhytismatales), Propolis versicolor (Rhytismatales), Stictis radiata (Ostrapales), Taphrina occidentalis (Taphrinales), Vibrissea truncorum (Ostropales), and a plethora of lichens (mostly in Lecornales) 


In addition to the fungi on the list, Pam Janszen has reported (and in most cases preserved) the following on Saturna Island (April 96-October 99) - complete list available on request: Agaricus bernardii, Agaricus chionodermus, Agaricus xanthoderma, Aleurodiscus lividocoeruleus, Antrodia carbonica, Clavaria fumosa, Clavariadelphus borealis, Clavicorona avellanea, Clitocybe metachroa, Coprinellus disseminatus, Coprinus spadiceisporus, Cortinarius corrugatus, Cortinarius evernius, Cortinarius haematochelis, Cortinarius laniger, Cortinarius limonius, Fomitopsis rosea, Gautiera (two species to be published by J. States), Geoglossum fallax, Gymnopilus sapineus, Gymnopilus validipes, Helvella chinensis (as H. villosa), Hygrocybe cuspidata, Hygrocybe singeri, Hygrocybe subminiata, Hygrocybe turunda var. turunda, Hygrophorus odoratus, Inocybe longicystis, Lepiota flammeotincta, Lepiota roseifolia, Lepiota sequoiarum, Leptonia decolorans, Leptonia fuligineomarginata, Leptonia subviduense, Leptonia umbilicata, Lyophyllum infumatum, Marasmius albuscorticis, Mycena madronicola, Mycena monticola, Oligoporus guttulatus, Panus strigosus, Peniophora incarnata, Peziza domiciliana, Peziza praetervisa, Phaeolus fibrillosus, Phellinus chrysoloma, Phellinus punctatus, Pholiota brunnescens, Phylloporus arenicola, Plectanea milleri, Pluteus atromarginatus, Pluteus petasatus, Polyporus alveolaris, Radiigera atrogleba, Ramaria conjunctipes, Ramaria fennica var. violaceibrunnea, Ramaria testaceoflava, Russula alutacea, Russula pectinata, Serpula himantioides, Thelephora spiculosa, Trichaptum fuscoviolaceum, Tricholoma aurantio-olivaceum, Tricholoma myomyces, Tricholomopsis sulfureoides, Trichophaea abundans, and Trichophaea hemisphaerioides.


In addition to the fungi on the list, Pam Janzen has reported (and in most cases preserved) the following on Texada Island (April 96-October 97) - complete list available on request: Christiansenia myecetophila, Myxomphalia maura, Peziza badioconfusa, Phaeolus fibrillosus, Russula gracilis group, Russula mariae, Thelephora carophyllea. Wynnella silvicola was deposited in UBC from Texada Island by Oluna Ceska (pers. comm.) collected by Nick Page May 17, 2008 (later collected by O. Ceska on Vancouver Island as well). The following species were collected Oct 10, 2009 on Texada by Oluna Ceska and determined by her (see also UBC vouchers): Lepiota echinacea, Melanoleuca brevipes, Rhizopogon vulgaris, Russula pelargonia, and Tulostoma verrucosum. October 10-12, 2019 a foray to Texada Island yielded the following Mushroom Observer records of species not on this Vancouver Island list: Cotylidia diaphana, Entoloma fuscatum, Inocybe ochroalba, Rhodocollybia unakensis, Suillus lakei var. pseudopictus, Tricholoma farinaceum, and Tulostoma verrucosum.


On Cabbage Island, Oluna Ceska found Geopora cooperi (UBC F28815).


In addition to the fungi on the list, Jill Ilsley reported on North Pender Island on October 10, 1998, Agaricus xanthoderma and Pluteus flavofuligineus. Buck McAdoo reported and photographed Hydnotrya variiformis on Pender Island.


In addition to the fungi on the list, Oluna Ceska reported on Salt Spring Island (and preserved) Leptonia occidentalis var. metallica. Oluna Ceska also collected Cortinarius denigratus on Saltspring Island (Mt Tuam) 19 April 2007 F17227 at UBC. She collected Clitocybe gibba, Mallocybe leucoblema (as Inocybe leucoblema), Mallocybe malenconii (as Inocybe malenconii) and Inocybe ochroalba, Jun 26, 2007. The Ceskas also collected material from Salt Spring used in the description of the new species Cortinarius denigratus in 2016.



Oluna Ceska and Rene Zich also reported the following species from a fire site on Galiano Island April 5, 2007 (those with asterisks deposited at UBC): Agrocybe praecox, Geopyxis carbonaria, Gyromitra infula*, Morchella elata, *Myxomphalia maura, *Peziza praetervisa, *Peziza varia, *Peziza violacea, *Plicaria endocarpoides, *Pulvinula archeri, *Tephrocybe ambusta, *Tephrocybe atrata, and *Tricharina gilva. Nicole Gross collected Battarrea phalloides on Galiano Island about October 22, 2008. A foray on Galiano Island recorded Polyporus squamosus and Stereum complicatum May 4, 2013.


The species here are primarily those observed since the early 1990s.  In addition to the species on the list Pacific Forestry Center Herbarium (DAVFP) has numerous Vancouver Island specimens. The following are from genera commonly presented in field guides.


Agrocybe acericola (as Pholiota acericola), Amylocystis lapponica, Ascocoryne constricta, Ascocoryne inflata, Bisporella resinicola, Bisporella strumosa, Bjerkandera fumosa, Bondarzewia berkeleyi, Calvatia gigantea, Calvatia lepidophora, Cerrena unicolor, Clavulinopsis aurantio-cinnabarina, Clitocybe gibba, Clitocybe gilvaoides, Conocybe intrusa, Cortinarius orichalceus, Cortinarius rigidus, Cotylidia diaphana, Crepidotus fulvotomentosus, Daedaleopsis confragosa, Datronia mollis, Echinodontium tinctorium, Exidia candida, Fomitopsis rosea, Geastrum minus, Gloeophyllum odoratum, Guepiniopsis minuta, Hebeloma simile, Hebeloma sordidulum, Hypholoma lateritium (as Hypholoma sublateritium), Inocybe serotina, Inonotus circinatus, Inonotus cuticularis, Inonotus dryadeus, Laccaria ochropurpurea, Lactarius controversus, Lactarius subdulcis, Lepista personata, Leucocoprinus brebissonii, Meruliopsis ambiguus, Mycenastrum corium, Nectria ditissima, Nectria episphaeria, Nectria neomacrospora, Nectria pithoides, Panaeolus solidipes, Peziza badioconfusa, Peziza melaleuca, Peziza praetervisa, Peziza sylvestris, Peziza violacea, Phellodon melaleucus, Pholiota aurivelloides, Pholiota squarrosoides, Pleurotus subareolatus, Plicaria trachycarpa, Polyporus squamosus, Postia floriformis, Postia guttulata, Postia leucospongia, Postia stiptica, Postia undosa, Pulveroboletus retipes, Pycnoporellus fulgens, Resinomycena striatulus, Rhizopogon ochraceorubens, Rhytisma arbuti, Rhytisma punctatum, Rhytisma salicinum, Russula abietina, Russula alutacea, Russula delica, Russula foetens, Russula pectinata, Scleroderma bovista, Scleroderma flavidum, Scleroderma lycoperdoides, Scleroderma polyrhizum, Serpula lacrymans, Serpula himantioides, Stereum gausapatum, Stereum ostrea, Strobilurus conigenoides, Suillus grevillei, Suillus punctipes, Suillus subaureus, Thelephora caryophyllea, Trametes cervina, Trametes pubescens, Tremella aurantia, Trichaptum subchartaceum, Typhula abietina, Tyromyces immitis


A more complete list of collections from Vancouver Island in DAVFP but not included in the main list above is the following (some may represent outdated names or concepts, although names are continually updated by DAVFP).


Acanthophysium lividocaeruleum, Acanthophysium macrocystidiatum, Acanthophysium spiniger, Acanthophysium weirii, Acremonium tsugae, Acrospermum cuneolum, Acrospermum graminum, Actidium nitidum, Aecidium columbiense, Aegerita fungicola, Agrocybe acericola (as Pholiota acericola), Albatrellus ellisii, Albugo cruciferarum, Aleurodiscus apiculatus, Aleurodiscus tsugae, Alternaria alternata, Alternaria brassicae, Ambrosiella brunnea, Ambrosiella ferruginea, Ambrosiella sulcati, Amylocorticium cebennense, Amylocystis lapponica, Amylostereum chailletii, Aleurocystidiellum subcruentatum, Aleurodiscus abietis, Aleurodiscus amorphus (many records may be A. grantii), Amyloathelia amylaceum, Antrodia sitchensis, Antrodia vaillantii, Apiognomonia veneta, Apiosporina collinsii, Apiosporina morbosa, Arceuthobium tsugense, Ascobolus epimyces, Ascobolus michaudii, Ascobolus sacchariferus, Ascoconidium tsugae, Ascocoryne constricta, Ascocoryne inflata, Asteridiella pitya, Athelia epiphylla, Athelia scutellaris, Atichia glomerulosa, Atropellis pinicola, Atropellis piniphila, Atropellis tingens, Bactrodesmium obliquum, Bactrodesmium rahmii, Badhamia affinis, Badhamia foliicola, Badhamia utricularis, Basidioradulum radula, Beauveria bassiana, Belonidium sulphureum, Bertia moriformis, Bisporella resinicola, Bjerkandera fumosa, Blumeriella jaapii, Bondarzewia berkeleyi, Botryobasidium pruinatum, Botryodiplodia gallae, Botryosphaeria abietina, Botryosphaeria piceae, Botryosphaeria tsugae, Botrytis cinerea, Caliciopsis calicioides, Caliciopsis pinea, Caliciopsis pseudotsugae, Calosphaeria pulchella, Calvatia gigantea, Calvatia lepidophora, Camarosporium quaternatum, Capnodium walteri, Cenangium ferruginosum, Ceratocystis coerulescens, Ceriporia viridans, Ceriporiopsis rivulosa, Cerrena unicolor, Ceuthospora phacidioides, Chaetoderma luna, Chaetomium elatum, Chaetoscutula juniperi, Chaetothyrium babingtonii, Chlorosplenium chlora, Chrysomyxa arctostaphyli, Chrysomyxa empetri, Chrysomyxa ledi, Chrysomyxa ledicola, Chrysomyxa monesis, Chrysomyxa piperiana, Chrysomyxa pirolata, Chrysomyxa weirii, Ciboria caucus (notes say synonym = C. amentacea), Ciboria gordonii, Ciborinia whetzelii, Cladosporium herbarum, Claussenomyces olivaceus, Claussenomyces pseudotsugae, Clavulinopsis aurantiocinnabarina, Clitocybe gibba, Clitocybe gilvaoides, Coccomyces arbutifolius, Coccomyces dentatus, Coccomyces gaultheriae, Coccomyces heterophyllae, Coccomyces leptideus, Coccomyces pseudotsugae, Coleosporium asterum, Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, Colpoma crispum, Columnocystis abietina, Coniophora fusispora, Coniophora olivacea, Coniothyrium hellebori, Conocybe intrusa, Coriolopsis gallica, Corticium inopinatum, Cortinarius orichalceus, Coryneopsis microsticta, Costantinella micheneri, Cotylidia diaphana, Craterium minutum, Cronartium coleosporioides, Cronartium comandrae, Cronartium comptoniae, Cronartium ribicola, Crustoderma dryinum, Crustoderma resinosum, Crustoderma testatum, Cryptocoryneum condensatum, Cryptodiaporthe apiculata, Cryptodiaporthe salicella, Cryptomycina pteridis, Cryptosporium neesii, Cucurbidothis pithyophila, Cumminsiella mirabilissima, Cuscuta salina, Cyclaneusma niveum, Cylindrocarpon gillii, Cylindrosporium nuttallii, Cymadothea trifolii, Cyphellopsis anomala, Cystostereum subabruptum, Cytospora pinastri, Dacrymyces chrysocomus, Dacryobolus karstenii, Daedaleopsis confragosa, Daldinia concentrica (likely a different Daldinia sp.), Datronia mollis, Davisomycella ampla, Davisomycella montana, Dendrothele candida, Dermea balsamea, Dermea cerasi, Dermea prunastri, Dermea pseudotsugae, Dermea tetrasperma, Diacheopsis insessa, Diaporthe eres, Diaporthe inaequalis, Diaporthe lokoyae, Diatrype bullata, Dichomitus squalens, Dichostereum pallescens, Didymascella thujina, Didymosphaeria oregonensis, Didymosporium arbuticola, Diplocarpon mespili, Diplodia maculata, Diplodia ramulicola, Diplodina salicis, Discocainia treleasei, Discochora philoprina, Discula destructiva, Discula umbrinella, Ditiola radicata, Dothiora taxicola, Durandiella pseudotsugae, Durandiella tsugae, Echinodontium tinctorium, Elytroderma deformans, Endocronartium harknessii, Endothiella aggregata, Enteridium olivaceum, Entyloma ficariae, Epicoccum nigrum, Erysiphe aggregata, Erysiphe graminis, Erysiphe polygoni, Euantennaria alaskensis, Europhium trinacriforme, Eutypa lata, Eutypella cerviculata, Eutypella stellulata, Exidia candida, Exidiopsis grisea, Exobasidium burtii, Exobasidium cordilleranum, Exobasidium vaccinii, Fabrella tsugae, Fibricium rude, Fibulomyces mutabilis, Fomitiporia punctata (as Phellinus), Fomitopsis rosea, Fusarium episphaeria, Fusarium lateritium, Fusarium oxysporum, Fusarium sambucinum, Fuscoporia viticola, Fusicoccum ellisianum, Geastrum minus, Gelatinosporium fosteri, Gelatinosporium griseo-lanatum, Gelatinosporium pinicola, Gelatinosporium sinuatum, Gelatinosporium stillwelli, Gloeocystidiellum citrinum (as Vesiculomyces), Gloeocystidiellum leucoxanthum, (as Megalocystidium leucoxanthum), Gloeocystidiellum ochraceum, Gloeocystidiellum porosum, Gloeocystidiellum propinquum, Gloeophyllum carbonarium, Gloeophyllum odoratum, Gloeoporus dichrous, Glomerella cingulata, Glyphium elatum, Gnomonia setacea, Gnomoniella papillostoma, Godronia cassandrae, Godronia ribis, Gomphidius septentrionalis, Gonatorrhodiella highlei, Gonytrichum caesium, Grandinia arguta, Grandinia barba-jovis, Grandinia granulosa, Grandinia pallidula,  Grandinia stenospora, Grifola frondosa, Grovesiella abieticola, Grovesiella grantii, Gymnosporangium bethelii, Gymnosporangium clavariiforme, Gymnosporangium fuscum, Gymnosporangium nelsonii, Gymnosporangium nootkatense, Hainesia lythri, Harknessia arctostaphyli, Hebeloma simile, Hebeloma sordidulum, Helicosporium aureum, Helminthosporium velutinum, Hemiphacidium longisporum, Hemiphacidium planum, Hendersonia pinicola, Hendersonula toruloidea, Hericium americanum, Herpotrichia juniperi, Hormonema merioides, Humarina araneosa, Hyalopsora aspidiotus, Hydnotrya variiformis, Hymenochaete badio-ferruginea, Hymenochaete cinnamomea, Hymenochaete fusca, Hymenoscyphus calyculus, Hyphoderma cristulatum, Hyphoderma pallidum, Hypholoma lateritium (as H. sublateritium), Hyphosoma abietis, Hyphosoma lumbricoideum, Hypochnicium analogum, Hypocrea citrina, Hypoderma gaultheriae, Hypomyces rosellus, Hyponectria lonicerae, Hypoxylon fragiforme, Hysterographium flexuosum, Inocybe serotina, Inonotus circinatus, Inonotus cuticularis, Inonotus dryadeus, Isaria farinosa, Junghuhnia zonata, Kabatina juniperi, Kabatina thujae, Kavinia alboviridis, Kavinia himantia, Kriegeria seaveri, Kuehneola uredinis, Laccaria ochropurpurea, Lachnum (Capitotricha) bicolor, Lachnellula agassizii, Lachnellula ciliata, Lachnellula pini, Lachnellula pseudotsugae, Lachnum virginellum, Lactarius controversus, Lactarius subdulcis, Lactarius trivialis, Lahmia kunzei (=Parkerella populi), Lecanidion atratum, Lepiota brunnea, Lepista personata, Lepteutypa cupressi, Leptographium terebrantis, Leptographium wageneri, Leptonia asprella, Leucocoprinus brebissonii, Leucopaxillus laterarius, Limacinia moniliforma, Linospora tetraspora, Lirula abietis-concoloris, Lirula macrospora, Lirula punctata, Lophium mytilinum, Lophodermella concolor, Lophodermella morbida, Lophodermium arundinaceum, Lophodermium cladophilum, Lophodermium consociatum, Lophodermium decorum, Lophodermium juniperinum, Lophodermium lacerum, Lophodermium melaleucum, Lophodermium nitens, Lophodermium piceae, Lophodermium pinastri, Lophodermium pyrolae, Lophodermium rubiicolum, Lophodermium schweinitzii, Lophodermium seditiosum, Lophodermium thujae, Lophodermium uncinatum, Lophomerum autumnale, Marssonina brunnea, Marssonina castagnei, Marssonina daphnes, Marssonina kriegeriana, Marssonina populi, Marssonina rhamni, Marssonina salicicola, Maurodothina farriae, Melampsora abieti-capraearum, Melampsora deformans, Melampsora epitea, Melampsora euphorbiae-gerardianae, Melampsora hypericorum, Melampsora medusa, Melampsora monticola, Melampsora occidentalis, Melampsora paradoxa, Melampsorella caryophyllacearum, Melampsoridium hiratsukanum, Melanconiopsis inquinans, Melanconis alni, Melanconis marginalis, Melanomma pulvis-pyrius, Melasmia menziesiae, Meloderma desmazierii, Melzericium udicolum, Meria laricis, Meruliporia incrassata, Microlychnus epicorticis, Meruliopsis ambiguus, Microsphaera extensa, Microsphaera penicillata, Microsphaera trifolii, Microsphaera vaccinii, Microstroma album, Microthyrium microscopicum, Milesina dilatata, Milesina laeviuscula, Milesina vogesiaca, Milesina winelandii, Monilinia laxa, Monochaetia abietis, Monochaetia monochaeta, Monochaetia phyllostictea, Mycenastrum corium, Mycogone cinerea, Mycoleptodon dichroum, Mycopappus alni, Mycosphaerella mycopappi, Mycosphaerella pini, Mycosphaerella populicola, Mycosphaerella rubi, Myxosporium abietinum, Nectria ditissima, Nectria episphaeria, Nectria neomacrospora, Nectria pithoides, Neohypodiscus cerebrinus, Nipterella parksii, Nipterella tsugae, Nitschkia molnarii, Odontia lactea, Postia floriformis, Postia guttulaa, Postia leucospongia, Postia stiptica, Postia undosa, Ophiobolus prunellae, Panaeolus solidipes, Parvacoccum pini, Peltosphaeria canadensis, Peniophora piceae, Perenniporia subacida, Perennipora tenuis, Peridermium pseudo-balsameum, Peronospora parasitica, Pestalopezia brunneopruinosa, Pestalopezia tsugae, Pestalotia funerea, Pestalotia rhododendri, Pestalotia thujae, Pezicula alni, Pezicula bicensis, Pezicula livida, Pezicula malicorticis, Peziza badioconfusa, Peziza melaleuca, Peziza praetervisa, Peziza sylvestris, Peziza violacea, Phacidium coniferarum, Phaeocalicium compressulum, Phaeocalicium populneum, Phaeocryptopus gaeumannii, Phaeocryptopus nudus, Phaeoramularia antipus, Phaeoramularia periclymeni, Phaeoramularia symphoricarpi, Phanerochaete gigantea, Phanerochaete rimosa, Phanerochaete deflectens, Phellinidium weirii (as Phellinus), Phellinus laevigatus, Phellinus punctatus, Phellinus repandus, Phellinus sulphurascens, Phellinidium ferrugineofuscum (as Phellinus), Phellodon melaleucus, Phellopilus nigrolimitatus, Phlebia albida, Phlebia concentrica, Phlebia serialis, Phlebiella filicina, Phlebiella sulphurea (as Phlebiella vaga), Pholiota aeruginosa, Pholiota aurivelloides, Pholiota squarrosoides, Phoma acicola, Phoma argillaceae, Phoma complanata, Phoma exigua, Phoma herbarum, Phomopsis ambigua, Phomopsis juniperovora, Phomopsis lokoyae, Phomopsis occulta, Phragmidium ivesiae, Phragmidium occidentale, Phragmidium rosae-californicae, Phragmidium rubi-idaei, Phragmidium tuberculatum, Phycomyces blakesleeanus, Phyllachlora kalmiae, Phyllactinia guttata, Phylleutypa wittrockii, Phyllosticta abietis, Phyllosticta gaultheriae, Phyllosticta sphaeropsoidea, Phytophthora cactorum, Piloderma byssinum, Piloderma fallax, Pleospora herbarum, Pleospora laricina, Pleurotus subareolatus, Plicaria trachycarpa, Polyporus squamosus, Potebniamyces gallicola, Pragmopora pithya, Pragmopycnis pithya, Pseudodiscus nootkatensis, Pseudohelotium incrustatum, Pseudopeziza trifolii, Pseudospiropes nodosus, Pseudotomentella vepallidospora, Pseudovalsaria ferruginea, Pseudovalsaria thelebola, Puccinia aegra, Puccinia antirrhini, Puccinia brachypodii, Puccinia caricina, Puccinia caricis-shepherdiae, Puccinia caricis-strictae, Puccinia circaeae, Puccinia cnici, Puccinia coronata, Puccinia crandallii, Puccinia difformis, Puccinia dioicae, Puccinia graminis, Puccinia granulispora, Puccinia heucherae, Puccinia hieracii, Puccinia hordei, Puccinia lapsanae, Puccinia malvacearum, Puccinia mcclatchieana, Puccinia menthae, Puccinia obscura, Puccinia ornatula, Puccinia pimpinellae, Puccinia porphyrogenita, Puccinia pulverulenta, Puccinia punctata, Puccinia punctiformis, Puccinia recondita, Puccinia striiformis, Puccinia symphoricarpi, Puccinia umbilici, Puccinia violae, Pucciniastrum epilobii, Pucciniastrum goeppertianum, Pucciniastrum guttatum, Pucciniastrum pyrolae, Pucciniastrum sparsum, Pulveroboletus retipes, Pulvinula archeri, Pycnoporellus fulgens, Racodium resinae, Raffaelea sulcata, Ramularia destructiva, Ramularia trautvetteria, Ramularia urticae, Rasutoria abietis, Rasutoria tsugae, Resinicium bicolor, Resinomycena striatulus, Rhabdocline parkeri, Rhabdocline pseudotsugae, Rhabdocline weirii, Rhabdogloeum pseudotsugae, Rhizopogon ochraceorubens, Rhizosphaera kalkhoffii, Rhizosphaera pini, Rhytidiella baranyayi, Rhytisma arbuti, Rhytisma punctatum, Rhytisma salicinum, Rigidoporus crocatus, Rigidoporus sanguinolentus (as Poria expallescens), Rileya piceae, Rosellinia herpotrichioides, Russula abietina, Russula alutacea, Russula delica, Russula foetens, Russula pectinata, Sageria tsugae, Sarcodon calvatus (as Hydnum calvatum), Sarcotrochila balsameae, Sarcotrochila macrospora, Sarcotrochila piniperda, Sarea difformis,  Scirrhia conigena, Scleroderma bovista, Scleroderma flavidum, Scleroderma lycoperdoides, Scleroderma polyrhizum, Sclerophoma ambigua, Sclerophoma semenospora, Sclerophoma xenomeria, Scytinostroma arachnoides, Scytinostroma galactina, Scytinostromella humifaciens (as Peniophora), Seimatosporium arbuti, Seimatosporium ledi, Seiridium abietinum, Septonema dendryphioides, Septoria alni, Septoria alnifolia, Septoria cornicola, Septoria rubi, Septoria streptopodis, Septoria trientalis, Serpula himantioides, Serpula lacrymans, Seynesiella juniperi, Sidera lenis (as Diplomitoporus lenis), Sirococcus strobilinus, Sirotrema translucens, Sistotrema brinkmannii, Skeletocutis amorpha, Skeletocutis stellae, Skeletocutis subincarnata, Sphaerellopsis filum, Sphaerotheca macularis, Spilocaea pyracanthae, Spiropes helleri, Stagonospora achlydis, Stereum gausapatum, Stereum ostrea, Stictis radiata, Stigmina carpophila, Stilbella orbicularis, Stomiopeltis pinastri, Strobilurus conigenoides, Stuartella suttonii, Subulicystidium longisporum, Suillus grevillei, Suillus punctipes, Suillus subaureus, Sydowia polyspora, Sydowia semenospora, Taphrina alni, Taphrina caerulescens, Taphrina darkeri, Taphrina deformans, Taphrina faulliana, Taphrina japonica, Taphrina occidentalis, Taphrina populina, Taphrina populi-salicis, Taphrina wiesneri, Thelephora caryophyllea, Therrya tsuga, Trametes cervina, Thujacorticium mirabile, Thysanophora penicilloides, Tomentella ramosissima, Tomentella fibrosa (as Tomentellina), Toxosporium camptospermum, Trametes cervina, Trametes pubescens, Tranzschelia discolor, Trechispora mollusca, Trichaptum subchartaceum, Trichothecium roseum, Trochila ilicina, Tryblidiopsis pinastri, Tubercularia vulgaris, Tuberculina maxima, Tulasnella violea, Tympanis hypopodia, Tympanis laricina, Typhula abietina, Tyromyces immitis, Tyromyces guttulatus, Uncinula adunca, Uredinopsis hashiokai, Uredinopsis longimucronata, Uredinopsis phegopteridis, Uredinopsis pteridis, Uredinopsis struthiopteridis, Uredo goodyerae, Urocystis colchici, Urocystis trientalis, Urocystis trillii, Uromyces armeriae, Uromyces coloradensis, Uromyces dactylidis, Uromyces viciae-fabae, Uromyces jacksonii, Uromyces heterodermus, Uromyces holwayi, Uromyces junci-effusi, Uromyces minor, Uromyces miurae, Uromyces muscari, Uromyces nerviphilus, Uromyces polygoni-avicularis, Uromyces probus, Uromyces trifolii, Ustilago avenae, Valsa abietis, Valsa sordida, Vanterpoolia tsugae, Vararia granulosa, Venturia borealis, Venturia inaequalis, Venturia macularis, Venturia pirina, Venturia populina, Venturia saliciperda, Verpa bohemica, Verrucaria plumbaria, Verticillium dahliae, Vibrissea truncorum, Virgella robusta, Warcupia terrestris, Winterella suffusa,Wrightoporia lenta, Xenomeris abietis


Individuals have also reported the following other hypogeous species from Vancouver Island to the North American Truffling Society: Gautieria monticola (Sproat Lake Provincial Park, May 1, 95, Somass Riverbank, Port Alberni, May 5, 1995), Hysterangium setchelli (Pt. Alberni, Apr 24, 1995 and Nov 24, 95, Airport Junction May 24, 95), and Rhizopogon hawkerae (near Sproat Lake Jan 20, 1994).




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[13] UBC F25516 leg det OC, OH Jun 20, 12 + 1 May; considered by some a synonym of Agrocybe molesta

[14] UBC several collections under Agrocybe semiorbicularis; Agrocybe pediades (Fr.) Fayod has been given as a synonym of Agrocybe semiorbicularis (Bull. ex St. Amans) Fayod, but Watling describes them separately; Trudell & Ammirati say Agrocybe semiorbicularis is better known as Agrocybe pediades

[15] UBC F24977 leg det OC, OH Mar 15, 11 +11 Victoria, plus Apr, May; Malahat near Victoria Apr 13, 97; det and voucher O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, observed 2008/09/10/11/12/13

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[38] DAVFP det Renata Outerbridge, Cowichan Lake, Oct 21, 97; UBC F28011 leg det O. Ceska, Avatar Forest, Sep 17, 10; also collected  by O. Ceska at Long Beach; western North American collections are different from the true A. farinosa (

[39] UBC F29270 leg OC, OH, Jul 22, 2007 +7 (4 OH, 3 elsewhere on VI) plus Sep, Oct Nov; det O. Ceska. Mesachie Lake, Oct 13, 01, voucher DAVFP; UBC OC Cowichan Garry Oak Reserve- Elkington Property, Nov 10, 10

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[42] UBC F25168 leg det OC, OC, Sep 28, 11; DAVFP  leg det Brenda Calla, Victoria, Jun 28, 01; Port Renfrew, Oct 7, 95, Victoria Mushroom Show, Oct 20, 96; (all as Amanita pachycolea)

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[45] UBC F24594 leg det OC, OH, Oct 5, 10 +3 VI;  

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[66] leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Dec 12, 04, from Moser’s Keys to Agarics and Boleti (as Omphalina discorosea)

[67] UBC F28076 leg OC, OH Dec 13, 2012 +5 (1 OH, 4 elsewhere on VI) some of them as Omphalina epichysium, plus Mar Feb Apr; det O. Ceska. Rocky Point, Victoria, Dec 17, 99

[68] UBC F28882 leg det OC, , a small bog on the road E of the town, Sep 29, 06 +2 (0 OH, 2 elsewhere on VI) plus Nov; det O. Ceska., Long Beach sphagnum bog, early Nov, 99 (all as Omphalina fusconigra)

[69] UBC F25240 leg det OC, OH, Nov 10, 11 +9 (8 OH, 1 elsewhere on VI) plus Feb Apr Sep Oct Dec; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Nov 5,08; all as Omphalina obscurata

[70] UBC F22145 leg det P. Kroeger, Sidney, Oct 29,10; det Sharon Godkin, leg Ian Gibson's home, found at Arboretum Center for Plant Health in Saanich

[71] UBC F31880 leg OC, OH, Nov 26, 05 (as Omphalina rickenii)

[72] UBC F24179 leg det OC, OH Jan 26, 10 + 10 OH plus Feb Oct Nov Dec; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Dec 5, 05, Jan 15, 06, Victoria, Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti, Breitenbach & Kränzlin Fungi of Switzerland

[73] UBC F27469 leg OC, Kludahk Trail, Jordan River, Jul 12, 10 (as Omphalina sphagnicola)

[74] UBC F29376 leg OC, OH, Oct 11, 07 +1 VI plus May; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Nov 6, 05, Nov 26, 05, Dec 5, 05, Mar 3, 06

[75] UBC F25127 leg det OC, OH Jul 17, 11

[76] UBC F25975 leg det OC, OH Jun 10. 13

[77] UBC F31583 leg OC, OH, Dec 8, 04, microscopic differentiation from Ascocoryne sarcoides, + 4 Victoria

[78] DAVFP 24810 leg det Brenda Callan Carmanah Valley, Oct 30, ’93; DAVFP leg det R. Outerbridge, Cowichan Lake, Oct 21,’97; (these might not have been microscopically differentiated from Ascocoryne cylichnium)

[79] UBC F27043 leg OC, Gordon Bay Provincial Park, Cowichan Lake, Oct 17, 09 (as Clitocybe candida)

[80] UBC F31489 leg OC, Mill Hill, Colwood, Oct 20, 04 (as Clitocybe gigantea)

[81] UBC F27042 leg Healther Leary, Gordon Bay Provincial Park, Cowichan Lake, Oct 17, 09; UBC F14146 leg SVIMS mushroom show, southern Vancouver Island, Oct 27,’94

[82] UBC F29102 leg OC, OH, Feb 1, 07;

 Koksilah Ridge, spring 1999, det Scott Redhead, according to O. Ceska;

[83] UBC F24328 leg det OC, , Mar 19, 10

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[90] UBC F29688 leg OC, Saanich Peninsula Apr 4, 2008

[91] DAVFP 29564 leg Kevin Trim det J. Pendray, MacMillan Provincial Park, Cathedral Grove, Nov 1, 14 (as Boletus mirabilis); UBC F31235 leg M. Kranabetter Sooke watershed, Oct 25, 13

[92] DAVFP leg det R. Outerbridge, as Auricularia auricula, Nanaimo, Nov 6, 00,

[93] UBC F25719 leg det OC, OH Dec 21, 2011

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[95] UBC F24915 leg det OC, , OH, Feb 10, 11 (as B. caesiocinereum, but id changed in next survey report), UBC F25414 leg det OC, OH May 28, 11, also OH Feb 22, 12, May 25, 12, Feb 20, 13, Jul 5, 13, May 12 and 28, 2011, and Feb 22, 2012;

[96] UBC F24809 leg det OC, OH, Dec/22. 10;

[97] UBC F27947 leg OC, Whistler, Blackcomb Mountain, July 28, 12

[98] DAVFP leg det Brenda Callan, Metchosin, Apr 15, 95

[99] DAVFP leg det Brenda Callan., Metchosin, Apr 15, 95

[100] UBC F25557 leg det OC, OH Jul 28, 12 +11 (10 OH, 1 elsewhere on VI)

[101] UBC F24153 leg det OC, OH Jan 17, 10 + 5 OH plus Mar Dec; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Jan 2, 09, from Nordic Macromycetes and from Breitenbach & Kränzlin, Fungi of Switzerland

[102] UBC F24335 leg det OC, OH Apr 18,10 + 4 OH plus Jun, Aug; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Aug 14, 09, Nov 1, 09

[103] UBC F25487 leg det OC, OH May 14, 2012; DAVFP 9164 leg A.Foster det R.McRae, 1953-12-01, Campbell River; top of stump outside BC Hydro Building, 98

[104] UBC F24918 leg det OC, OH Feb 10, 11 +3 OH plus Jan, all as Gloeocystidiellum furfuraceum

[105] UBC F26954 leg OC, OH, Sep 7, 09 (as Bolbitius variicolor)

[106] UBC F25958 leg det OC, OH, Sep 7, 09 + 5 VI plus May Jun Jul Aug, Nov, (all as B. vitellinus)

[107] UBC F29752 leg O. Ceska, Else Vellinga, Ian Gibson, Kevin Trim, Blueberry Flats, Sooke, Oct 1, 08 (as Boletopsis subsquamosa); UBC F28420 leg M. Kranabetter, Jodi Friesen, det M. Kranabetter, Campbell River, STEMS1 Research Forest, Oct 21, 09

[108] UBC F23804 leg OC, Beacon Hill Park Jun 12, 10; leg OC, Ripon Rd Oak Bay Uplands Victoria Sep 6, 09 and Jul 21, 11; det Richard Winder; also 3 vouchers at DAVFP 2 of them determined O. and A. Ceska: Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, Nanoose north of Victoria

[109] UBC F28296 leg OC, China Beach Regional Park, Sep 14, 12

[110] UBC F28014 leg OC, Fairy Lake Oct 27, 12 (as Boletus spadiceus)

[111] UBC F28898 leg OC and SVIMS Forest Station, Mesachie Lake, Oct 14, 2006; Lake Cowichan SVIMS foray Oct 14, 2005, no voucher, Victoria Mushroom Show Nov 4, 07, no voucher

[112] DAVFP leg S. Berch det R. Outerbridge, Cowichan Lake Sep 30, 2004, (holotype of the species possibly a variation of Boletus regineus)

[113] UBC F28055 leg Kate Harding Victoria Oct 27, 12; found several times including O. Ceska Apr 22, 03 as Boletus aereus, but has always been eaten rather than dried as a specimen

[114] UBC leg det O. Ceska, Nitinat Lake October 15, 06; Oct 14, 07, Cowichan Lake

[115] UBC F28055 leg det OC, OH, Sep17, 13 (as Bondarzewia montana misapplied); UBC F28293 leg OC, East Sooke, Sep 06, 13 + 1 China Beach Sep 15, 12 (both as Bondarzewia mesenterica misapplied); Mesachie Lake, Oct 21-23, 95; Port Renfrew Oct 7, 95; Watershed study Oct 13-17, 95

[116] UBC F26809 OC leg Van der Meer Camosun College property, Apr 19, 09 +2 VI, leg det O. Ceska, Royal Roads, Victoria, Feb 11, 01; all as Clitocybe sinopica

[117] UBC F25364 leg det OC, OH Jan 21, 12 +3 OH plus Feb May Nov; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Mar 5, 10

[118] UBC F25463 leg det OC, OH Apr 28, 12 +7 OH plus May Feb Sep Dec (one as Haplotrichum conspersum, 3 as Oidium conspersum)

[119] UBC F27294 leg OC, OH Dec 17, 09 +7 OH plus Jan Feb Nov; leg det Jim Ginns, Grice Bay near Long Beach, Sep 19-22, 01 as part of Clayoquot Sound study

[120] UBC F28356 leg OC, OH Dec 24, 13; UBC F25436 leg OC, OH Mar 8, 12

[121] DAVFP numerous collections

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[125] UBC F25222 leg det OC, OH Nov 10, 11

[126] UBC F24557 leg det OC, OH Dec 28, 10 + Uplands, Oak Bay Victoria Sep 06 12; DAVFP leg John Dennis, Sep 5, 00, Victoria; may represent Butyriboletus persolidus or Butyriboletus querciregius (see Arora, David, and Jonathan L. Frank. 2014. Mycologia 106(3): 464-480.)

[127] UBC F24968 leg det OC, OH, Mar 6, 11 +18 (17 OH, 1 elsewhere VI) plus Jan Feb May Aug Dec, all as Meruliopsis corium

[128] UBC F29184 leg det OC, OH, Mar 16, 2007, Nordic Macromycetes, Ellis & Ellis

[129] UBC F26239 leg det OC, OH, Nov 6, 13 + 13 VI plus Jan Feb Mar Apr May Oct Dec; Watershed study, Oct 13-17, 95; DAVFP det R. Outerbridge collection, Port Renfrew, Oct 15, 97

[130] UBC leg OC, w of Jordan River and nw of Jordan River, both Sep 7, 12; Renata Outerbridge leg foray Sep 24, 95, China Beach, as Boletus coniferarum; China Beach Sep 15, 96

[131] UBC F28013 leg OC, Fairy Lake, Port Renfrew Oct 7, 12 (as Boletus rubripes)

[132] UBC F27662 leg OC, OH Mar 15, 11 +2 (1 OH, 1 VI) plus Oct Nov; Victoria Mushroom Show, Oct 29, 95; Victoria Mushroom Show, Oct 20, 96

[133] UBC F24155 leg det OC, OH Jan 17, 10 +6 plus Feb Mar Dec; Victoria Mushroom Show, Oct 29, 95

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[135] UBC F25065 leg det OC, OH, May 18, 11

[136] UBC F26829 leg OC, OH, Apr 20, 09, Apr 27, 09 +4 VI plus May, multiple records at DAVFP

[137] MO 373149 det OC, Metchosin, Vancouver Island, BC, Jul 7, 19

[138] UBC F25296 leg det OC, OH, Dec 9, 11 +1 OH Aug 20, 13

[139] UBC F28919 leg det OC, OH, Oct 20,06 +2 (1 OH, 1 elsewhere VI) plus Dec

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[141] UBC F29321 leg OC, OH Sep 25, 17

[142] UBC F26368 leg OC, OH Nov 27, 13

[143] UBC F23801 leg det OC, OH, Sep 28, 11; det O. Ceska. Port Renfrew, Sep 19, 18; leg det O. Ceska, Dominion Observatory Hill Sep 16, 19 (DND sequencing support of this identification of one of the Observatory Hill collections (A. Ceska, pers. Comm.); det O. Ceska. Ripon Rd Victoria, Aug 16, 19,

[144] UBC F23802 leg OC Ucluelet, Jul 8, 07 (as Cantharellus cibarius var. roseocanus); Victoria Mushroom Show 2019, 2006, and once prior to that

[145] UBC F26056 leg det OC, OH, Sep 17, 13; DAVFP 10 collections

[146] UBC F31237 Marty Kranabetter Sooke watershed, Oct 25, 13 + 2 VI; 5 at DAVFP

[147] UBC F29738 leg OC, (as Lachnum bicolor) Mt Brenton, close to the top, Jun 28, 08; UBC F27467 leg OC, (as Lachnum bicolor) Kludakh trail, Jordan River, Jul 22, 10

[148] Al Rupprecht det Parksville area, 97

[149] UBC F28077 leg OC, Elkington Garry Oak Reserve Duncan, Dec 13, 12

[150] UBC F24404 leg det OC, OH May 16, 10 +8 OH plus Jan Feb Apr Jun Sep Dec,

[151] UBC F25476 leg det OC, OH May 14, 12 + 9 Jan Feb Jun

[152] UBC F24255 leg det OC, OH, Feb 19, 10 + 10 OH and +1 Camosun College Van de Meer Victoria plus Jan Mar May Jul Dec; plus leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Mar 5, 09, Mar 19,09

[153] UBC F25248 leg det OC, OH, Nov 15, 11; Mesachie Lake Oct 30, 99, leg det Ian Gibson voucher his home

[154] UBC F29414 leg OC, OH, Oct 29, 07

[155] UBC F28223 leg OC, San Juan Ridge, Jordan River, Jun 23, 13

[156] UBC F23200 leg det P. Kroeger, near Elk Bay, northern Vancouver Island, STEMS2 study EP1312

[157] UBC F25979 leg det OC, OH Jun 10, 13; UBC F27568 leg OC, John Dean Park Nov 4, 10

[158] UBC F26057 leg det OC, OH Sep 17, 13

[159] Lake Cowichan SVIMS foray Oct 14, 2006, no voucher; recorded at 7 different SVIMS forays but not vouchered

[160] UBC F29309 leg OC, OH Sep 14, 07; observations of three Chlorophyllum species have been recorded as Macrolepiota rachodes, so it is not clear which observations correspond to the three expected species, Chlorophyllum brunneum, C. olivieri, and C. rachodes

[161] UBC F28851 leg OC, San Juan Ridge, Jun 03, 06 +5 (4 San Juan Ridge, 1 Mt Brenton) plus Apr; DAVFP det Ian Gibson, San Juan Ridge, May 31, 03; all as Gelatinodiscus flavidus)

[162] UBC F24795 leg det OC, OH Dec 17, 10 + 5 VI plus Jan Mar Oct Nov; leg det Jim Ginns, Gold Mine Trail near Long Beach, Sep 19-22, 01 as part of Clayoquot Sound study; O. Ceska and Bryce Kendrick det Freeman King Park area, Jan 29, 00

[163] UBC F25847 leg det OC, OH Feb 27, 13 +3 VI; DAVFP leg det Sharon Godkin, Sidney, Nov 1, 98

[164] UBC F29754 leg OC, Blueberry Flats, Sooke, Oct 1, 2008; Victoria Mushroom Show, Oct 20, 96 (as Chroogomphus rutilus);  det O. Ceska. Glinz Lake Oct 31, 98, both (as Chroogomphus rutilus).

[165] UBC F27476 OC Avatar Forest Sep 17, 10; DAVFP 4 collections

[166] UBC F28877 leg OC, Port Renfrew Sep 29, 06; Victoria Mushroom Show Oct 26, 91; Victoria Mushroom Show, Oct 20, 96

[167] UBC F29526 leg OC, OH Nov 24, 07 +2 VIDAVFP Ian Gibson collection and det Cowichan Lake, Oct 26, 02; det P.Kroeger, Victoria Mushroom Show, Oct 98;

[168] UBC F24391 leg det OC, OH, May 9, 10; DAVFP det P. Kroeger, Mesachie Lake, Oct 9, 99

[169] UBC F25457 leg det OC, OH Apr 14, 12 + 9 VI plus Mar May Jun;

[170] UBC F25012 leg det OC, OH Apr 20, 11

[171] UBC F27569 leg OC, John Dean Park Nov 4, 10; leg det O. Ceska, Rocky Point, Victoria, Dec 17, 99

[172] UBC F24156 leg det OC, OH, Jan 17, 10

[173] UBC F26270 leg det OC, OH, Nov 14, 13 +3 plus Jan Jun; leg det Ian Gibson, Beaver Lake, Nov 18, 95 (as Clavaria vermicularis)

[174] UBC F28794 leg OC, Royal Roads University Victoria, Feb 4, 06; leg det O. Ceska, Royal Roads, Victoria, Feb 11, 01

[175] UBC F25863 leg det OC, OH Mar 3, 13; UBC F25848 leg det OC, OH Feb 27, 13

[176] UBC F27560 leg OC, Royal Roads University Colwood Oct 31, 10; Victoria Mushroom Show, October 30, 2004, voucher Ian Gibson’s home

[177] UBC F24679 leg det OC, OH, Nov 12, 10

[178] UBC F26271 leg det OC, OH, Nov 14, 13; various sites including research plots of Rob Countess, according to O. Ceska

[179] DAVFP 2203 J. Paden Victoria Oct 12, 82; DAVFP 2203 J. Paden Jordan River Sep 18, 82; det Paul Kroeger, China Beach, Oct 16, 99 and several previous years

[180] UBC F27570 leg OC, John Dean Park Nov 4, 10; UBC 27527 Mesachie Lake, Oct 23, 10; det Paul Kroeger; Rob Countess Chronosequence plots Oct 96 (may be same specimen as previous); det W.G. Ziller, Dec 30, 60, Langford

[181] UBC F27477 leg OC, Avatar Forest Pt Renfrew, Sep 17, 10 (as C. ornatipes); DAVFP leg det Renata Outerbridge, Sep 28, 97, (as C. ornatipes); det Pam Janzen, Long Beach, early Nov 99

[182] UBC F26272 leg det OC, OH, Nov 14, 13, +13 VI plus Jan Feb Oct Dec; UBC F29615 OC and Bryce Kendrick OH, Dec 12, 07; Renata Outerbridge research plots 97; det O. Ceska. Koksilah Ridge, Dec 19, 99

[183] UBC F24780 leg det OC, OH Dec 10, 10 + 6 VI plus Oct Nov Jan (as Clavulina cristata);

[184] UBC F24781 leg det OC, OH, Dec 10, 10 + 5 VI plus Jan Feb Mar; DAVFP leg det Renata Outerbridge, Port Renfrew May 5, 97 and Oct 20, 98; det O. Ceska, Freeman King Park area, Victoria,  Jan 29, 00

[185] UBC 24749 leg det OC, OH, Dec 4, 10 + 6 VI plus Oct Nov; John Dean Park, Nov 9, 97

[186] UBC F24750 leg det OC, OH Dec 4, 10 (determined as distinct from C. laeticolor which is more common); UBC F27690 leg det OC, John Dean Park Apr 16, 11; det Paul Kroeger, Pacific Rim National Park, Oct 11-12, 97

[187] UBC F24626 leg det OC, OH Oct 6, 10 + 7 VI plus Mar Apr Nov Dec; DAVFP leg det R. Outerbridge, Port Renfrew, Oct 20. 98; Chronosequence plots 95, det Paul Kroeger Pacific Rim National Park ; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, multiple years, including Oct 6, Nov 2,3,18, Dec 1, 4, 10, 27, 10

[188] UBC F29617 leg OC, OH, Dec 20, 07 + 1 OH Dec 10, 07

[189] DAVFP 29634 leg May Kald det Brenda Callan Oct 7, 13

[190] UBC F26261 leg det OC, OH, Nov 6, 13, as Rhodocybe popinalis

[191] UBC F24713 leg det OC, OH Nov 18, 10; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Dec 10, 05, from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti

[192] UBC F29450 OC and SVIMS leg OH, Nov 7, 07

[193] DAVFP leg det Ian Gibson, Gordon Bay, Oct 21, 00

[194] UBC F25627 leg det OC, OH Nov 25, 12 +7 OH plus Oct Dec; leg det O. Ceska, Koksilah Ridge, Dec 19 and 30, 99. This is similar to Clitocybe deceptiva but without an anise odor and having a darker disc when the two are compared. It keys out to C. elegantula in Moser’s Keys to Agarics and Boleti but should be further studied.

[195] UBC F25266 leg det OC, OH, Dec 1, 11

[196] UBC F24417 leg det OC, OH May 23, 10 + 4 VI plus Mar Apr (as Clitocybe deceptiva); Watershed Study, Oct 13-17, 95; Victoria Mushroom Show, Oct 29, 95; det Hannah Nadel, Bamberton Mar 20, 94

[197] UBC F29386 leg OC, OH, Oct 20, 07 +7 (4 OH, 3 elsewhere on VI) plus Feb Mar Oct and (misspelled georgiana) Jan, the epithet ‘georgina’ additionally is invalid

[198] UBC F27435 leg OC, Jocelyn Hill (just below the summit, still in the forest), Saanich Peninsula Apr 10, 10

[199] UBC F25865 leg det OC, OH Mar 3, 2013; det O. Ceska. (keyed from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti), Freeman King Park area, Victoria, Jan 29, 00 and Rocky Point, Victoria, Mar 25, 00, Observatory Hill survey, Nov 23, 05

[200] UBC F29602 leg OC, OH, Dec 17, 07; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, 2005/06, 2007/08

[201] UBC F29491 leg OC, OH, Nov 10, 07; DAVFP 29539 leg Tony Trofymow det O. Ceska Nov 1, 11 + 4 VI plus Apr Dec

[202] UBC F25568 leg det OC, OH Nov 4, 12 + 4 plus Apr Dec; the concept used by some authors is synonymous with Clitocybe fragilis (according to Index Fungorum online)

[203] UBC F27044 leg OC, Mesachie Lake Oct 17, 09; across from Mesachie Lake, Oct 21, 95

[204] UBC F29451 leg OC, O. Ceska OH Nov 07, 07

[205] UBC F24301 leg det OC, OH, Mar 05, 10 +8 (7 OH 1 elsewhere) plus Apr May; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Jan 5, 05, Jan 26, 06, Mar 3, 06, 2006-7, from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti; In his monograph, Bigelow said that he has misidentified Clitocybe ramigena as this species in the past

[206] UBC F25223 leg det OC, OH Nov 10, 11 + 7 VI plus Sep Oct Dec

[207] UBC F24731 leg det OC, OH, Dec 01, 10; det Paul Kroeger macroscopic, at Victoria Mushroom Show, Oct 16, 99, Ian Gibson's home

[208] UBC F29791 leg OC, OH, Oct 11, 08

[209] UBC F28983 leg OC, OH Nov 13, 06; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Nov 13, 06 and Dec 15, 06, from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti

[210] UBC F31585 leg OC, OH, Dec 8, 04; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Nov 28, 04, Dec 7, 05, Nov 7, 06, from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti

[211] UBC F25660 leg det OC, OH, Dec 02, 12 + 5 OH plus Oct, Nov; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Nov 27, 04, Oct 24, 06, Nov 13, 06, Dec 10, 06, from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti

[212] DAVFP Renata Outerbridge leg det, Cowichan Lake, Jul 21, 97

[213] DAVFP 21404 leg H. Davy, det A. Funk, Victoria, Oct 15, 76

[214] UBC F26101 leg det OC, OH, Oct 8, 13 + 27 (23 OH, 4 elsewhere on VI), most as Rhodocybe aureicystidiata; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, fall 2007, using Pacific Northwest Key Council key

[215] UBC F24709 leg det OC, OH, Nov 17, 10 +14 (12 OH 1 elsewhere on VI) plus Jan Oct Dec; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Dec 28, 04, Nov 6, 05, from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti; all as Rhodocybe nuciolens

[216] UBC F27478 leg OC, Avatar Forest, Sep 17, 2010; Mesachie Lake, Oct 21-23, 99; DAVFP leg det Ian Gibson collection, Mesachie Lake, Oct 21, 00

[217] UBC F25025 leg det OC, OH, May 4, 11 +1 VI Apr

[218] UBC F26586 leg OC, OH, Jun 17, 08 + 4 VI plus Feb Apr Aug

[219] UBC F27511 leg OC, Kludakh Trail, San Juan Ridge, Jordan River, Oct 2, 10; det Paul Kroeger, Pacific Rim National Park, Oct 11-12, 97; Watershed study Oct 13-17, 99

[220] Mesachie Lake Oct 21-23, 95; Port Renfrew Oct 7, 95; Watershed study Oct 13-17, 95

[221] UBC F27950 leg OC, Whistler, Blackcomb Mountain Jul 28, 12

[222] UBC F24627 leg det OC, OH, Oct 06, 10 +5 VI plus Mar Apr; Watershed Study, Oct 13-17, 95; det O. Ceska. Rocky Point, Victoria, Dec 10, 99

[223] UBC F24366 leg det OC, OH, Apr 29, 10 +2 OH plus May Dec

[224] UBC F26722 leg OC, OH, Jan 23, 09 +2 OH

[225] UBC F26428 leg OC, OH Jan 2, 08 +2 VI Nov; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Dec 4, 09, Jan 10, 10, also 2007/08

[226] UBC F29358 leg OC, OH, Oct 11, 07; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, 2007/08

[227] UBC F24498 leg det OC, OH Sep 14, 10 +1 OH Oct; leg det O. Ceska, north of west arm of Shawnigan Lake, Jun 8, 00

[228] UBC F26058 leg det OC, OH Sep 17, 13 +13 plus May Aug Oct Nov; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, May 20, 09, also 2008/09, 2007/08

[229] UBC F26059 leg det OC, OH Sep 17, 13 +1 OH Oct 6, 10 (both as Conocybe filaris); Skutz Falls, May 5, 96; Sooke, May 11, 96; leg OC, Observatory Hill survey, Oct 6, 10

[230] UBC F24629 leg det OC, OH, Oct 6, 10 +2 OH plus Aug Sep; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, 2007/08, Aug 1, 08

[231] UBC F24512 leg det OC, OH Sep 22, 10;  leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Sep 22, 10

[232] UBC F29511 leg OC, Metchosin Wilderness Park Nov 18, 07

[233] UBC F26102 leg OC, OH Oct 8, 13; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, 2007/08

[234] UBC F27446 leg OC, Metchosin Park off Clapham Rd Apr 11, 10; leg det O. Ceska, Metchosin Park, Apr 18, 10

[235] UBC F24513 leg OC, OH, Sep 22, 10 +3 VI plus Aug Oct; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, 2007/08, Sep 22, 10

[236] UBC F24514 leg det OC, OH Sep 22, 10 +10 VI plus Mar Apr May  Jun Oct Nov; Victoria Nov 22, 95

[237] UBC F28224 leg OC, Jordan River, Jun 23, 13

[238] UBC F26613 leg OC, OH, Aug 07, 08 (as Coprinus disseminatus)

[239] UBC F29089 leg O. Ceska, Paul Kroeger, Ian Gibson, Bryce Kendrick OH, Jan 28, 07; UBC F26810 leg det O. Ceska. (as Coprinus domesticus) Van der Meer Camosun College property Metchosin Apr 19,2009 on basis of narrowing possibilities to C. xanthothrix and C. domesticus then using the shape of the spores which have practically the same width in frontal and lateral views; the collection was partly autodigested and did not allow examination of cheilocystidia; spores were 8.5-10 x 5-5.5 um, wider than usual cited for this species.

[240] UBC F25128 leg det OC, OH Jul 17, 11; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Aug 30, 11

[241] UBC F25014 leg det OC, OH, Apr 20, 11 +9 (as Coprinus impatiens) OH plus May, Sep, Oct, Nov; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Sep 28, 06, from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti, Breitenbach & Kränzlin, Fungi of Switzerland

[242] UBC F29388 leg OC, OH Oct 20, 07 +2 VI plus Apr (all as Coprinus micaceus)

[243] UBC F26627 leg OC, OH, Aug 29, 08; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Aug 29, 08, from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti, and Breitenbach & Kränzlin, Fungi of Switzerland

[244] UBC F24560 leg det OC, OH, Sep 28, 10 +6 OH plus Jan Mar Apr Oct Nov leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Jan 28, 06, Mar 11, 07, from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti, and Breitenbach & Kränzlin, Fungi of Switzerland

[245] UBC and DAVFP older records but nothing recent, considered common though

[246] UBC F26046 leg det OC, OH Sep 10, 13

[247] UBC F26626 leg det OC, (as Coprinus friesii) Aug 29, 08, from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti; UBC F29278 leg OC, Christmas Hill, Victoria Jul 23 07 (as Coprinus friesii)

[248] UBC F26651 leg det OC, (as Coprinus gonophyllus) OH, Sep 28, 08, from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti and Breitenbach & Kränzlin, Fungi of Switzerland

[249] UBC F24499 leg det OC, OH Sep 14, 10 +7 VI plus May Oct Nov; Victoria Mushroom Show, Oct 29, 95; Richard Winder Sooke May 94; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Nov 27, 04, Dec 12, 04, Dec 5, 05, from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti and Breitenbach & Kränzlin, Fungi of Switzerland

[250] UBC F26047 leg det OC, (as Coprinopsis nivea) OH, Sept 10 13 +2 OH (as Coprinus niveus) plus Oct; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Nov 7, 06, from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti, Breitenbach & Kränzlin, Fungi of Switzerland

[251] UBC F26062 leg det OC, OH, Sep 17, 13

[252] DAVFP leg det S. Berch, Woss, Oct 19, 00

[253] UBC F24476 leg det OC, OH,  Jul 3, 10

[254] UBC F24714 leg det OC, OH Nov 18, 10 +2 OH plus Dec; DAVFP leg Renata Outerbridge 4 collections; Oluna Ceska leg Observatory Hill Nov 13, 2008

[255] UBC F25388 leg det OC, OH, Jan 27, 12 +5 (3 OH, 2 elsewhere on Vancouver Island plus Feb Apr May Nov Dec; leg det O. Ceska  Observatory Hill survey, Feb 28, 08 (resupinate), leg G. Ansell det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Dec 10, 10 (sclerotial)

[256] O. Ceska collection sequenced by Harrower et al. 2012

[257] UBC F26314 leg det OC, OH Nov 20, 13 +4 OH (1 OH, 3 elsewhere on VI) plus Oct, Dec; Chronosequence plots 95; leg det O. Ceska, Koksilah Ridge, Dec 30, 99; DAVFP 27611 Renata Outerbridge, Port Renfrew, Oct 15, 97; many of these may be Cortinarius acutovelatus

[258] UBC F17260 leg OC, det Joe Ammirati, Nov 26, 05; material from Observatory Hill, collected Nov 26,05 by Oluna Ceska used in describing as new species in 2016

[259] UBC F28017 leg OC, Avatar Forest Oct 07, 12 +4 (0 OH, 4 elsewhere in VI) plus Apr Aug; F28426 leg M. Kranabetter, Jodi Friesen, det M. Kranabetter, Campbell River, STEMS1 Research Forest, Oct 21, 10

[260] UBC F17207 leg det OC, Rithet’s Bog, Oct 10, 03

[261] UBC F23209 leg det OC, Avatar Forest, Port Renfrew, Sep 17, 10; Chronosequence plots 95; leg det O. Ceska, Avatar Grove, Sep 10

[262] UBC F26401 leg det OC, OH Nov 29, 13

[263] UBC F17198 leg OC, det Joe Ammirati, Comber’s Trail, Tofino, Dec 11, 02 +1 VI plus Sep

[264] UBC F17193 leg det OC, Tofino, Oct 16, 02 (as Dermocybe aureifolius)

[265] UBC F23210 leg det OC, Mystic Beach, Jordan River, Oct 7, 11 +2 (0 OH, 2 elsewhere on VI) plus ; leg det O. Ceska, N.E. of Jordan River, Sep 10, 00; something similar to this occurs in the Pacific Northwest but it may not be exactly the same as the European species; this name is considered a synonym of Cortinarius anomalus by some authors.

[266] UBC F23211 leg det OC, OH, Dec 11, 10; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Nov 12, 10

[267] UBC F18942 leg det OC, Koksilah Ridge, Shawnigan Lake, Nov 11, 99 +1 Blueberry Flats, Oct 1, 08

[268] UBC F23210 leg det OC, OH, Dec 18, 11 +4 OH plus Nov; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Nov 22, 05, from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti and Breitenbach and Kränzlin, Fungi of Switzerland; however Moser’s neotype for Cortinarius biformis was in fact a synonym for C. testaceofolius.

[269] UBC F16370 leg OC, Dec 20, 07 OH +5 OH plus Jan (F26372 Dec 20, 07, F16371 Jan 5, 08, F16371 Jan 5, 08, F16370 Dec 20, 07, F16372 Dec 20, 07)

[270] UBC F28428, Marty Kranabetter, Campbell River, STEMS 1 research forest, Oct 21, 09 as Cortinarius brunneus; Mesachie Lake, PNW Key Council meeting, Oct 30, 99; these are likely a common Washington Telamonia that is close to Cortinarius brunneus

[271] UBC F17233 leg det OC, OH, Nov 27, 04; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Nov 27, 04 , from Breitenbach and Kränzlin, Fungi of Switzerland. Molecular confirmation would be desirable.

[272] UBC F26273 leg det OC, OH, Nov 14, 13 +16 (14 OH, 2 other locations in VI) plus Jan May Oct Dec ; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Nov 21, 08; Victoria Mushroom Show Oct 25, 97

[273] UBC F23220 leg det OC, Knob Hill, Port Hardy, Aug 17,11 (as Cortinarius callisteus); det Paul Kroeger on Rob Countess Chronosequence plots, 97

[274] UBC F28429 leg det M. Kranabetter Campbell River Oct 21, 10

[275] UBC 28430 leg M. Kranabetter, Jodi Friesen, det M. Kranabetter, Campbell River, STEMS1 Research Forest, Oct 21, 09; Mesachie Lake, Oct 21-23, 95, Pacific Rim National Park Oct 11-12, 97

[276] UBC F26274 leg det OC, OH, Nov 14, 13 +1 Cobble Hill, Nov 25, 00; (Cortinarius candelaris in the concept of some authors is Cortinarius rigens acc. to Species Fungorum Oct 2,’20). Molecular confirmation would be desirable.

[277] UBC F31308 leg M. Kranabetter leg, det MK and OC, Sooke watershed, Oct 25, 13

[278] UBC F26240 leg det OC, OH Nov 06, 13 + 66 (63 OH, 3 elsewhere on VI) plus Jan Apr May Jun Aug Sep Oct Dec; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Oct 25, 05, Nov 6, 05, Dec 7, 05, Nov 14, 06, from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti and Breitenbach and Kränzlin, Fungi of Switzerland

[279] UBC F17159 leg det OC, Koksilah Ridge, Shawnigan Lake, Dec 19,’99 +1 (0 OH, 1 elsewhere on VI); leg det O. Ceska, Koksilah Ridge, Dec 19, 99, keyed from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti; may need a different name from the originalan species

[280] UBC F23256 leg det OC, OH, Nov 12, 10 +5 (3 OH, 2 elsewhere on VI) plus Dec; leg det O. Ceska, Koksilah Ridge, Dec 30, 99, keyed from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti, leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Nov 14, 06

[281] UBC F16374 this is holotype of Cortinarius ceskae OH 8 December, 2007, collected by Oluna and Adolf Ceska and named in their honour – it is in the online UBC database under Cortinarius humboldtensis; UBC F16373 is an additional collection cited in the original paper, collected the same date – it is in the online database under Cortinarius ceskae.

[282] UBC F17139 leg OC Jordan Ridge, Jordan River, Sep 17, 00

[283] UBC F18977 leg det OC, DND Property, Rocky Point, Metchosin, Dec 10,’99 (as Cortinarius cinnameobadius). Molecular confirmation would be desirable.

[284] UBC F26369 leg det OC, OH, Nov 27, 13 +7 (6 OH 1 elsewhere on VI) plus Feb Oct; leg det O. Ceska, Rocky Point, Victoria, Dec 10, 99; UBC F23190 leg P. Kroeger and S. Berch, det P. Kroeger, near Elk Bay, northern Vancouver Island, STEMS2 study

[285] UBC F16361 leg det OC, along the Trail to Babington Hill, East Sooke Park, Apr 12, 08 +3 (0 H, 3 VI); UBC F28432 leg M. Kranabetter, Jodi Friesen, det M. Kranabetter, Campbell River, STEMS1 Research Forest, Oct 21, 09; Chronosequence plots 95

[286] UBC F17113 leg det OC, Mt Washington lower trail to Rossiter Lake, Sep 13, 01 (as Cortinarius collinitus); Victoria Mushroom Show Oct 25, 97

[287] UBC F17211 leg det OC, Branch F600 of Fleet Main, S of Mesachie Lake, May 29, 04; note that this name was commonly used for Cortinarius clandestinus

[288] UBC F17194 leg det OC, Tofino, Oct 16, 02 (as Dermocybe croceifolia); Watershed Study, Oct 13-17; this concept is obscure in the Pacific Northwest, but Cortinarius croceifolius is thought to be a synonym of Cortinarius malicorius

[289] UBC F23263 leg det OC, OH, Nov 10, 11 +3 (2 OH 1 elsewhere on VI) plus Oct; leg det O. Ceska, Koksilah Ridge, Nov 11, 99; leg det R. Outerbridge, Cowichan Lake, Oct 21, 97; UBC F28438 leg M. Kranabetter, Jodi Friesen, det M. Kranabetter, Campbell River, STEMS1 Research Forest, Oct 21, 09

[290] UBC F27988 leg OC, Pete Wolf Creek, China Beach Park, Jordan River, Sep 15, 12 + 4 VI plus Jul Aug Oct; Pacific Rim National Park Oct 11-12, 97

[291] UBC F17186 leg det OC, Wickanninish Beach dunes, Tofino, Oct 16, 02

[292] UBC F23265 leg det OC, OH, Oct 6, 10 +1 Pacific Rim National Park, Nov 1,’99 (both as Cortinarius delibutus); det Michelle Seidl or Joe Ammirati, Mesachie Lake, Oct 30, 99; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Oct 6, 10 (as Cortinarius delibutus)

[293] UBC F19074 leg det OC, Devonian Park, Metchosin, Dec 9, 00 +1 Royal Roads Colwood Jan 1, 03

[294] UBC F26402 leg det OC, OH, Nov 29, 13 +9 (3 OH, 6 elsewhere on VI) plus Jan Feb Dec; leg det O. Ceska, Koksilah Ridge, Dec 19, 99

[295] From Mount Washington, a matching gene sequence mentioned in description as a new species

[296] UBC F20115 leg det OC, OH, Aug 11, 09 +2 (1 OH, 1 elsewhere on VI) plus Oct Dec; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Oct 26, 09, Nov 8, 09; molecular confirmation would be desirable

[297] UBC F26341 leg det OC, OH, Nov 26, 13 +2 OH plus Aug Dec; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Nov 8, 09, Dec 18, 09; molecular confirmation would be desirable

[298] UBC F18941 leg det OC, Koksilah Ridge, Shawnigan Lake, Nov 11,’99; leg det O. Ceska, Koksilah Ridge, Nov 11, 99, keyed from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti; molecular confirmation would be desirable

[299] UBC F19621 leg det OC, OH, Apr 27, 09

[300] UBC F23268 leg det OC, OH, Jan 11, 12 +6 (2 OH, 4 elsewhere on VI) plus Feb Apr Oct; leg det O. Ceska, Koksilah Ridge, Dec 30, 99; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey,

[301] UBC F17141 off Thain Road, Cobble Hill, Nov 25, 00, det O. Ceska. as Cortinarius velenovskyi, Cobble Hill, Nov 24, 2000, deposited at UBC, later found on molecular study to represent the new species Cortinarius ferrugineovelatus and used in the initial description

[302] UBC F17177 leg det OC, Montreul Hill, Metchosin, Apr 1, 02

[303] UBC F17138 leg OC, det Joe Ammirati, Cobble Hill off Thain Road, Nov 25, 00 - material collected by O. Ceska from Cobble Hill, Nov 25, 2000 was used in the description as a new species in 2016

[304] UBC F28061 SVIMS Mushroom Show, collector and determiner not recorded; leg det O. Ceska recorded as Oct 28, 2013 but probably the same as above, Victoria Mushroom Show

[305] UBC F16396 leg det OC, OH, Nov 9, 2007

[306] UBC F23273 leg OC, def OH Jan 11, 12 +6 (1 OH, 5 elsewhere on VI) plus Feb Apr May Dec; leg det O. Ceska, Koksilah Ridge, Dec 30, 99; some records of this species are really Cortinarius fulvescentoideus

[307] DAVFP leg det R. Outerbridge Port Renfrew, Oct 15, 97; F28440 leg M. Kranabetter, Jodi Friesen, det M. Kranabetter, Campbell River, STEMS1 Research Forest, Oct 21, 09

[308] UBC F19524 leg det OC, Young Lake, Sooke, Oct 1, 08

[309] UBC F23275 leg det OC, as var. glaucopus OH, Nov 14, 11 +1 OH variety not specified, Nov 24, 09; UBC F23195 leg P. Kroeger and S. Berch, near Elk Bay, northern Vancouver Island, STEMS2 Study; Tsitika Valley, Jul 13-17, 91, East Sooke Park Nov 15, 95; Victoria Mushroom Show Oct 20, 02

[310] UBC F17077 T. O’Dell, Pacific Rim National Park, Tofino, sand dunes, 3 Novmber 2007, deposited at UBC as C. croceus, used in original description of C. hadrocroceus

[311] UBC F26342 leg det OC, OH, Nov 26, 13 +3 (2 OH, 1 elsewhere on VI) plus Dec; leg det O. Ceska, Koksilah Ridge, Dec 30, 99, and Freeman King Park area, Victoria, Jan 29, 00, both keyed from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti; molecular confirmation would be desirable

[312] UBC F26318 leg det OC, OH, Nov 20, 13 +2 (0 OH, 2 elsewhere on VI) plus Oct

[313] UBC F28141 leg OC, John Dean Park, Saanich Peninsula, Apr 06, 13 +2 (1 OH Dec 18, 11, 1 Koksilah Ridge, Dec 4, 99, keyed from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti

[314] UBC F17161 leg det OC, Koksilah Ridge, Dec 19,’99 ; molecular confirmation would be desirable

[315] UBC F16375 leg det OC, OH Dec 20, 07 +2 (1 OH, 1 elsewhere on VI) plus Jan

[316] UBC F25720 leg det OC, OH Dec 21, 12 +16 (10 OH, 4 elsewhere on VI) plus Oct Nov (one as Dermocybe idahoensis); leg det O. Ceska, Jan 1, 03, Royal Roads, Victoria; DAVFP leg R. Outerbridge, Port Renfrew, Oct 15, 97, as Dermocybe idahoensis

[317] UBC F16334 leg OC, Emma Harrower det, Dec 31, 04

[318] UBC F17145 leg OC, NE of Jordan River, 9/10/2000 (which month is unclear)

[319] UBC F26319 leg det OC, OH, Nov 20, 13 ; molecular confirmation would be desirable

[320] UBC F26344 leg det OC, OH, Nov 26, 13 +8 (3 OH, 5 elsewhere on VI) (as Cortinarius infractus) plus Oct Dec; leg det O. Ceska, Koksilah Ridge, Nov 11, 99 (as Cortinarius infractus)

[321] UBC F17188 leg det OC, Wickanninish Beach, Tofino, Oct 14, 02; molecular confirmation would be desirable

[322] UBC F17155 leg det OC, Koksilah Ridge, Dec 19, 99 +1 Koksilah Ridge, keyed from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti; molecular confirmation would be desirable

[323] UBC F26404 leg det OC, OH, Nov 29, 13 +2 (1 OH, 1 elsewhere on VI)

[324] UBC F17114 leg det OC, Lower Trail to Rossiter Lake, Mt. Washington, Sep 13, 01

[325] UBC F26776 leg OC, OH, Feb 22, 09 +23 (16 OH, 7 elsewhere on VI) plus Mar Apr May Jul Sep Nov Dec; leg det O. Ceska, Koksilah Ridge, Dec 30, 99, keyed from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti; leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Dec 6, 06, Jan 28, 07, Mar 11, 07 , from Moser, Keys to Agarics and Boleti; molecular confirmation would be desirable

[326] UBC F17126 leg det OC, Trail to Harris Lake and to Sunrise Lake, Mt. Washington, 7/2/2001 (which month is unclear)

[327] UBC F23298 leg det OC, OH, 11/2/2010 (likely Nov as below); leg det O. Ceska, Observatory Hill survey, Nov 2, 10

[328] UBC F18929 leg det OC, Forestry Station, Mesachie Lake, Oct 9,’99 ; molecular confirmation would be desirable

[329] UBC F32688 leg det OC, Pearson College property, Metchosin, Apr 4, 15 +1 (0 OH, 1 elsewhere on VI as Dermocybe malicoria) plus Oct

[330] Gene sequence from Observatory Hill survey mentioned in description as new species

[331] UBC F20327 leg det OC, Wickanninish Beach, Tofino Oct 14, 02

[332] DAVFP 12412 leg A. Foster det J. Groves, Cameron Lake (MacMillan Park), Nov 1, 1960; det Richard Winder, Port Renfrew Sep‘94

[333] UBC F23201 leg OC, OH, Nov 14, 11 +3 OH all as Cortinarius sanguineus or Cortinariussanguineus’

[334] UBC F26373 leg det OC, OH, Nov 27, 13 + 8 (6 OH 2 elsewhere on VI) plus Feb Dec; leg det O. Ceska, Koksilah Ridge, Dec 30, 99; DAVFP leg det R. Outerbridge, Cowichan Lake, Oct 20, 97

[335] UBC F31328 leg Marty Kranabetter 260F with Shannon Berch, Andy MacKinnon, Oluna Ceska, Sooke watershed, Oct 25 15, determined by sequencing.

[336] UBC F23299 leg OC, Kludakh trail, San Juan Ridge, Jordan River, Feb 10, 10 (as Cortinarius occidentalis)

[337] UBC F20111 leg det OC, OH, Nov 8, 09 ; molecular confirmation would be desirable

[338] UBC F19618 leg det OC, OH, Dec 11, 08

[339] UBC F18944 leg det OC, Koksilah Provincial Park, Shawnigan Lake, Nov 11,’99 +1 Koksilah Ridge, plus Oct; Skutz Falls, Oct 23, 95, Victoria Mushroom Show, Oct 29, 95

[340] UBC F28328 leg OC, (as Cortinarius semisanguineus) Mesachie Lake, Oct 19, 13 + 4 (1 OH, 3 elsewhere on VI) plus Apr; F28449 leg M. Kranabetter, Jodi Friesen, det M. Kranabetter (as Cortinarius semisanguineus), Campbell River, STEMS1 Research Forest, Oct 21, 09

[341] UBC F17209 leg det OC, end of Chubb Road, north of Sooke, Kemp Lake, Oct 18, 04

[342] UBC F26406 leg det OC, OH, Nov 29, 13; this name has been used for Cortinarius flexipes in the past

[343] UBC F17187 leg det OC, Wickanninish Beach, Tofino, Oct 14, 02; molecular confirmation would be desirable

[344] UBC F17153 leg det OC, Elkington Property Reserve, Duncan, Garry Oak Stand, Nov 25, 01; molecular confirmation would be desirable

[345] UBC F17189 leg det OC, Rainforest Trail, Sea side Tofino, Dec 11, 02

[346] UBC F28443 leg det M. Kranabetter Oct 21, 09