Pacific Northwest Key Council

Keys to Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest

Last updated January 2011

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The Pacific Northwest Key Council is dedicated to the creation and publication of field keys to the fungi of the Pacific Northwest. It was initiated in 1974 by Kit Scates of Post Falls, Idaho, and developed with the support and supervision of Dr. Joseph Ammirati and the late Dr. Daniel Stuntz, both of the University of Washington. The geographic area covered is southern British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and western Montana.

The Key Council develops, refines, and field tests keys to selected species and genera of mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest. The mushroom characteristics in the keys are based on macroscopic features that can be seen by the naked eye or hand lens. All keys are subject to peer review and editing before publication. Key Council membership, which is by invitation, includes both professional mycologists and amateurs.


For information on online keys contact

Ian Gibson


The following mushroom keys or trial keys were introduced by January 2008. Still in the works are Cortinarius, Gilled Boletes, Jelly Fungi, Hydnellum, Laccaria, Omphalinoid Species, Phaeocollybia, Pluteus, Strophariaceae, Volvariella, and Xeromphalina. See also notes on specific genera under Gilled Mushroom heading on main page.

Agaricus I 1981 Margaret Dilly

Agaricus II 1997 Laverne Chariton

Agrocybe 1985 Carl Hermanson

Amanita 1986 Don Goetz, 1998 Janet Lindgren

Armillaria 2001 Tom Volk

Bird's Nests 1981 Marguerite Fay, Kit Scates, Robert Ramsey

Boletes 1982 Kit Scates

Cantharellaceae 1978 Tina & Gerry Gospodnetich - see Chanterelles

Chanterelles 2003 Pilz, Norvell, Danell, Molina

Chlorophyllum 2007 Richard Sieger

Clitocybe 2002 Sara Clark

Club-shaped Fungi 2007 Ian Gibson

Collybioid species Helen Kirkwood 1992, revised Buck McAdoo 2003, 2010

Coprinoid Species 1981 Fred Van De Bogart, 2004 minor update Ian Gibson/Harvey Janszen

Cortinarius 1981 Daniel Stuntz (withdrawn as outdated)

Crepidotus notes 2007 Ian Gibson

Crusts and Parchments notes, Stereum key 2007 Ian Gibson

Cystoderma 1977 N. Laycock and R. Sandahl, 2003 minor update Ian Gibson

Entolomataceae 1996 Robert Ramsay

Geoglossaceae 1983 Richard Sieger

Gomphidiaceae 1980 Kit Scates-Barnhart

Gymnopilus 1994 Harley Barnhart

Helvellaceae 2001 Herold Treibs

Hygrophorus 1975 Daniel Stuntz, 2003 minor update Ian Gibson

Hypomyces 2008 Ian Gibson

Inocybe 1978 Daniel Stuntz, 2003 minor update Ian Gibson, 2008 Brandon Matheny

Jelly Fungi 2008 Ian Gibson

Key to Keys 2002 Ian Gibson

Lactarius 1997 Coleman Leuthy

Lentinus/Lentinellus 1979 Tak Mochizuki, 2003 update Ian Gibson

Lepiotaceae 1998, 2003 Richard Sieger

Lepista 1981 Gene Butler

Limacella 1981 Kit Scates-Barnhart

Marasmioid fungi 2005 Jack Murphy

Mycenoid Species 1981 Amy Miller, additions by Ian Gibson

Morel notes 2007 Ian Gibson

Mycenoid Species - colored 1981 Amy Miller

Panaeolus 1980 Gary Menser

Pezizaceae 1988 Elsie Coulter

Pezizales 1980 H.J. Larsen, 2003 additions Ian Gibson

Phaeocollybia 1975 Christel Goetz, 2010 Lorelei Norvell and Ron Exeter

Pholiota 1981 Tina Gospodnetich & Kit Scates-Barnhart

Pleurotus & allies 1981 Dorothy Brown, 2003 update Ian Gibson

Polypores 1982 Daniel Stuntz, 2006 revised James Ginns

Psathyrella notes 2007 Ian Gibson

Puffballs & Earthstars 1978 Robert Ramsey

Ramaria I 1981 Kit Scates revised 2004 revised Michael Beug

Ramaria II 2006 Ron Exeter

Russula I 1985 Ben Woo

Russula II 2007 Christine Roberts

Sarcodon 1978 Dorothy Henderson, 2007 revised Ian Gibson

Sarcosomataceae 1982 Robert Maguire

Sclerodermataceae 1993 Robert Ramsey

Squamanita 2007 Ian Gibson

Stereum 2007 Ian Gibson

Toothed Fungi 1981 Dorothy Henderson, 2007 additions Ian Gibson

Tremellales 1978 Joy Spurr

Tricholoma 1996 Coleman Leuthy

Tricholomopsis 1975 Elsie Coulter

Xeromphalina 2008 Ian Gibson

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