MatchMaker Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest
Last updated February 22, 2015

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MatchMaker Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest Version 2.2.1 is a downloadable program or CD with three components.

  • detailed descriptions of about 4000 gilled and nongilled species from the Pacific Northwest
  • over 5700 illustrations of more than 2200 species
  • an entry form that allows you to enter characters of gilled and non-gilled species and work with a list of species that fit them.
It is a non-profit educational program, and may be downloaded free at

If downloading the large files is not possible, CDs can be obtained free
from Ian Gibson
67 Linden Avenue
Victoria BC V8V 4C9

An online version of the gilled part of the program has been created by Alan Thomson, Wendy Alexander, Norman Sim and Tony Trofymow of the Canadian Forest Service, which has not been updated recently. At present it works imperfectly, but best on a Firefox browser.

Version 2.2.1 (2015) is the current version. Since Version 2.1, a new pictorial key by Danny Miller has been added, and tables are included for some groups of mushrooms that are tricky to tell apart. Both versions are significant advances over Version 2.0, both more up-to-date and easier to use.

Updates for the Pictorial Key will be available before the next version at this location:
Pictorial Key Updates

Updates for the Tables will be available before the next version at this location:
Table Updates

For information about MatchMaker contact
Ian Gibson